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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fujiyama Sushi

Over the weekend I went with a group of my friends to Fujiyama. 2 of my friends love sushi and have decided that this place has really fresh sushi and great service and so they got a big group together to go again.

I've actually gone to Fujiyama a few times several years ago. It kind of went downhill each time I went so I haven't been back in a long time. But apparently early 2011 they got some new owners and chef and the quality has gone back up.

Fujiyama Sushi & Yakitori Bar
18217 Midway Rd
Dallas, TX 75287
(972) 662-2885
Price: $$

It's on the side of a shopping center. Not a really big place and it was pretty dead when we were there Sunday night. I arrived a few minutes late but was greeted as soon as I walked in by the waiter to get my drink order. The waiter's English wasn't that good but he was really nice and accommodating.

After we ordered, the waiter brought out several plates of Sweet Potato Tempura (with lemon sauce and spicy mayo sauce, topped with slivered almonds).
It was on the house. :) The tempura batter was nice and crispy. The sweet potato was cooked through and had great texture. The lemony creamy sauce was interesting. It was sweet and tart at the same time and combined with the slivered almonds it made a sweet/tart/nutty/salty combination. Not too shabby! Nommy!

I ordered the Vegetable Tempura Set (8 pieces of mixed vegetable tempura, with rice, miso soup and house salad) $10~ to share with a friend.
I requested more of the sweet potato and the waiter happily obliged. I really liked the tempura batter. It wasn't too thick and was uber crispy. I thought this was a great deal too because it came with a side salad, soup and rice. The salad was very fresh and I loved the little strips of crispies over it. The only complaint is that there was too much dressing and the dressing was a bit too sour.

I also got a Wasabi Roll (spicy tuna, spicy salmon, topped with tobiko, wasabi tobiko and wasabi mayo) $10.95~
This item had 2 chili peppers next to it indicating that it's spicy. But it wasn't. :( But thats ok because it was really fresh, and yummy. I love the tobiko that bursts in your mouth.

One of my friends got the Dallas Roll (crab meat, tuna wrapped in soy paper, topped with salmon and tobiko). It was also really fresh.

Pork Cutlet Curry. I'm not sure how much this was. The pork cutlet was cooked well and the flavors were pretty good. My friend enjoyed it a lot.

Crunchy Spicy Roll (spicy tuna over fried crispy rice). My friend who doesn't even like sushi ordered this and loved it. The crispy rice was done well. Not like some places with hard rice that almost breaks your teeth.

Frankford Roll (snapper, yellowtail? and deep fried) $7.95~ I didn't get to try this but it also looked pretty good.

The quality has improved tremendously since I was there several years ago. All the seafood was very fresh. Also...they have FRESH wasabi!! OMG! First time ever having it. It was freshly grated from the wasabi root. The color is a much lighter green and texture was more grainy. The flavor isn't as harsh as the bright green paste stuff most places serve. It actually has a hint of sweetness to it. It was delicious!

The service was good there. The waiter was super nice and was willing to do everything to accommodate to our requests. But the food came out a bit slow. It seemed like they were short staffed even though it wasn't very busy in the restaurant. We had several items that took forever to come out. But at the end the sushi chef personally came over to apologize to my friend for serving one of his rolls so late. We weren't in a hurry so it was fine. And they apologized, so all is well.

I definitely recommend Fujiyama. Go check it out, and if you like it as much as I do, tell your friends! I hope their business pick up so they'll stick around for a long time! :)

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