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Monday, January 30, 2012

LA!! The Library Bar @ The Roosevelt Hotel

My friend's friend recommended that we check out the Library Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel. It's supposed to have really cool mixology and good drinks.

The hotel was kinda old styled, pretty cool looking. The Library Bar was a small little room on the side of the lobby. It's a pretty cool place.

Library Bar @ Roosevelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 466-7000
Price: $$

When you walk in, you see fresh herbs and fruits lined up on the bar. Just from that you can tell that they use quality ingredients.
From the reviews I've read, I was prepared that their drinks are very expensive. They also don't have any menus. You basically tell one of the 2 amazing bartenders kind of what you like and they mix up something for you. They use farmer's market ingredients, so everything is seasonal and changes frequently.

This usually makes me nervous because I'm very picky about drinks. There's a lot that I don't like. So I told him I like sweet drinks and maybe something with basil? He recommended a Blackberry Basil Mojito $16~
Wow... pricey! But the drink was awesome! I told him it wasn't sweet enough for me and he was totally willing to make it better. They are really masters at their craft and want to give the customers the best drink possible. He told me if I needed anything else to just let him know. He just added a splash more of agave nector and it was perfect. I drank that like it was juice! haha. YUM!

Yellow Bell (bell pepper, rosemary) $16~
This was recommended in online reviews so one of my friends ordered it. It also comes with a fire show! The bartender took two glasses, light some alcohol on fire, and started pouring the fire between the glasses. Sooo cool! At the end he poured the firey alcohol into the martini glass with the rest of the drink. And it lit the rosemary on fire. You can smell the fragrant rosemary. Smelled fantastic. After a while, you blow out the fire and stir the rosemary in the drink to infuse it all. This cocktail was sweet, savory, spicy and full of herbs...and strong! It was fantastic.

The Vampire (raspberries, clementine, jalapeno) $16~
My other friend ordered this. It sounded so interesting. You can definitely taste the spiciness. But it wasn't sweet enough for me. Also very strong.

This was a great recommendation. The place is a cool place to hang out. The drinks were fantastic and I can totally understand the prices. Most cocktails everywhere else are at least $12-14 already and it's no where as good as the Library Bar. The bartenders definitely take care in their craft so be willing to wait a few minutes for them to make your drink. It's also quite entertaining to watch them make it I think. Definitely a special place to check out. :)

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