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Monday, January 16, 2012

Social 121

I bought a Living Social coupon a while back for Social 121 and it's expiring soon so my bf and I decided to go for dinner yesterday. I've been there a few times for happy hour but always wanted to go there for dinner. Their menu always looks so yummy!

Social 121
5760 State Highway 121, Suite 175
Plano, TX 75024
(972) 377-2500
Price: $$$

We went a little earlier to take advantage of the happy hour in the bar. Half price on their amazing appetizers. Can't get better than that! I also noticed that they had changed some of their appetizers on the menu so I wanted to check it out.

Happy hour Mon-Thur 4:30-9PM, Fri/Sat 4:30-7PM (bar area only). Half price appetizers and flatbreads.

They usually have live music at night in the bar. I find it to be a little too loud most of the time, but the talent is there. At least it sounds good! haha. It's just a little hard to talk to people and order stuff.

It took a while before anyone came to greet us at the bar. We quickly ordered the appetizer since our reservation time was coming up... We got the Kentucky Glazed Pork Belly (butternut squash puree, apple & fennel slaw, bourbon glaze) $11~ Half off during HH!
I loved their previous pork belly app so this was the main thing I wanted to try. I love butternut squash AND pork belly and they're together!! It was a great dish. For the small portion size the hh price is good. The presentation was nice. The puree was a nice pop of color on the plate. The pork belly was cooked perfectly. Crispy outside, super tender inside. The sweetness of the puree plus the freshness of the apple and fennel completed the dish. I think it's better than their previous pork belly!!

The night was off to a good start. We checked in with the hostess and were immediately seated. The dining area was actually quite dead at 7pm. :(

Our waiter came and took our drink orders. He was really nice. We had already looked over the menu at the bar so we knew what we wanted already. haha. But he went ahead and gave us the specials. They sounded really good but we were set on our decisions.

My bf got the Dijon Glazed Atlantic Salmon (bacon & scallion risotto, asparagus tips, sage brown butter) $21~
It was in my top 4 of things to try so that was a good choice. hehe. The plate was colorful and pretty. I thought it was a good portion size. We ordered the salmon medium, meaning it should be slightly pink in the middle. I thought it was slightly overcooked. But still tender. We both enjoyed the glaze on it, slightly sweet and had a nice sear. on the whole, it was still a good piece of fish. The risotto was very good. It was slightly al dente which I like and the asparagus still had a crispness to it. Very delicious overall!

I got the Crispy Duck Breast (roasted brussles sprouts, herb gnocchi, warm duck jus, mustard sauce) $24~
Unfortunately the skin was not crispy at all. :( But the duck meat was cooked well. It was still juicy and tender. If only the skin was crispy then it would be perfect. The seasoning on the duck was quite light. My bf thought it was bland but I liked actually tasting the natural flavor of the duck. Plus with the sauce it was enough flavor. The gnocchi was bursting with herb-y flavors which I enjoyed. They were just a bit too soft. I loved the brussels sprouts and the sliced fennel on top added a nice freshness to the heaviness of the duck and gnocchi.

For dessert we chose the White Chocolate Bread Pudding (anglaise, caramel and garnished with fried plantains) $6~
It was highly recommended on online reviews. It was a lot smaller than I expected... :( But the flavors were good, just a bit dry. I wish they would've poured more of the anglaise on the bread pudding instead of just decoration on the plate.

Our waiter was really good. He was really nice and kinda left us alone when we're talking and stuff. But he came and checked on us from time to time.

I really like this place. I think the food is fantastic every time I go. The service can be spotty at times (especially during hh) but I've never had any bad experiences with waiters or anything. Sometimes just a little slow. I'll definitely go back to try more things on the menu. Keep up the good food, Social 121! :)

**Plus the discount from Living Social. It was an amazing deal. We got 2 entrees and a dessert. We basically only paid for tip! Woot!** :D

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