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Friday, January 27, 2012

LA!! U-Sushi

The next day for lunch, I wanted to check out a new sushi place. I had gotten an email about the opening of a new sushi concept a few months ago. They are really new and the concept sounded cool.

It's basically like a Chipotle for sushi. You get to customize your own sushi and the prices are quite affordable! We MUST check it out.

168 South Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 777-7655
Price: $

Walking up to the place, the sign was very big and bright. Very pleasing to the eye. The general manager was actually outside the front door passing out menus. We told him that we came specifically to try this place. He was super nice and totally cool. A good start!

Walking in, the place is pretty small, but the decor and colors made it feel very bright and open. I really liked the feel of the place. All the people behind the counters were super friendly. We felt so welcomed to be there.

After numerous picture taking, haha, we got in line to order our sushi. First you pick if you want seaweed or soy paper. Then you choose white or brown rice. After that you select the fish you want inside.

You can choose 1 or 2 kinds of fish or just leave it vegetarian. Then you can choose up to 3 veggies inside, plus garnishes and sauce. They have multiple people working on different stations and just passing it along.
Finally the last guy rolls up the sushi and puts it into this neat sushi cutting machine. You can also choose to add some side dishes like tempura or fried chicken, etc.

The whole process moves very quickly. They've really streamlined the process.

I got a One Fish Roll (Salmon, brown rice, seaweed, asparagus, avocado, kalware sprouts, sesame seeds, tobiko, spicy mayo) $7.50~
The roll was massive!! Which was awesome. For the size and quality, the price was great in my opinion. The fish and veggies were super fresh and it was delicious overall! I'm loving this place!

Two of my friends ordered the Two Fish Roll (yellowtail, salmon, brown rice, seaweed, avocado, cucumber, kalware sprouts, tobiko, spicy mayo) $9.50~
They had slightly different ingredients but you get the idea.. They loved it as well. Their rolls were even bigger cuz they had 2 different types of fish.

Another friend got the One Fish Roll (spicy tuna, white rice, soy paper, carrots, avocado, tamago, peanut sauce) $7.50~ He doesn't like seaweed so he went with soy paper. I thought the spicy tuna was a bit too light. It needed more kick in the spice! The peanut sauce was an interesting change though!
Kara Age Chicken (japanese-style fried chicken) $2.50~ The chicken was super moist. It was sooo yum! The flavor was all their and it was fried well. Not greasy at all. Love!

Sweet Potato Korokke (3 pieces) $1.50~ This was interesting. There were bits of onions inside the potato cakes. The flavor was a bit weird? It didn't have the normal sweetness you find in sweet potatoes. I think if they reduced the size and had more of a crunchy exterior, it would be much better...

I loved this place. From the amazing service to fresh ingredients, I really wish we had one of these in Dallas. This was also one of my favorite meals of the entire trip. I would recommend everyone who loves sushi to check this place out! Tell them CHOMP! sent ya!! hehe.

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