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Saturday, July 2, 2011

LA Trip June2011 - Seventeenth Street Cafe & Bakery

Before the LA trip I bought a groupon for Seventeenth Street Cafe & Bakery. I spent $20 for $40 worth of food.

1610 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 453-2771

Price: $ (for bakery)

We were planning on going to Santa Monica Pier on Saturday so I figured we could check this place out for lunch and some desserts! We ended up going to Kogi Taco Truck instead so we just swung by the Bakery to pick up a bunch of desserts for dinner.

The place is pretty cute with all the bakery goods at the front of the store. OMG...sooo many cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pastries... How will I choose? I have to get $40 worth of desserts!! haha.

When I first looked up the cafe on the web, I saw that they were known for their "Skinny" cupcakes. Made with natural, low fat ingredients to make it healthier for you! I definitely gotta try that!

The options for the Fat Free Cupcakes were very limited so we only got 2...
Skinny Red Velvet (top right) and Skinny Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache (bottom left) $4/each~ Also in the container were Dark Chocolate Frosting on White Cake (top left) and Dark Chocolate Frosting on Chocolate Cake (bottom right) $3/each~ I couldn't wait...I dug into the Skinny Red Velvet while in the car ride home. haha. First of all, all the cupcakes have wayyy too much frosting. They were over an inch thick! And they were quite heavy. Even on the Skinny Red Velvet, the frosting was rich and thick. The cake had a nice texture and I could even see a little bit of apple sauce in there, but I actually imagined it would be even more moist. But if I hadn't known it was low fat, I would've never guessed it. So I guess that's a plus. We had the other cupcakes later that night. They were ok. A little too sweet and dense but decent. I wasn't very impressed with any of them. The Skinny Chocolate with Ganache was exceptionally dry...that really surprised me...

We also got a container of Specialty Cupcakes: Oreo (top left) and Red Velvet (bottom left) $3.50/each~ and Regular Cupcakes: Milk Chocolate Frosting on White Cake (top right), Vanilla Frosting on White Cake (bottom left) $3/each~ I didn't try most of these since they were pretty similar to the other ones. I did like the oreo frosting on the oreo cupcake, but it was still just too much... Meh.

We also got 3 gigantic cookies (no pictures..) $2.50~ They were at least 6-7 inches in diameter. They were pretty good...

Lastly, we got a slice of the Oreo Cheesecake $6.95~ This was delicious...we should've gotten more of this! It was light and fluffy, not dense like some other types of cheesecakes. The crust on top was nice and it wasn't too sweet. Everyone agreed that this was the best by far!

So I'd suggestion going there for cheesecake but you can probably skip the cupcakes.

Quality of Food:



Value: (not counting the groupon)

Overall Experience:


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