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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flippin' Out Crepes

A new crepe place recently opened up in Addison. I was pretty ecstatic. I love crepes! And the menu looked pretty awesome.

The chef is apparently the personal chef to our very own Dallas Mavericks Tyson Chandler. There's even a crepe named after him on the menu. haha. Go Mavs!

Flippin' Out Crepes
4021 Beltline, Suite 303
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 385-6183

Price: $

I realized after reading a few reviews that this place is tiny and is only for to-go orders. They have a drive-thru or you can go inside and order to go. Not the most ideal way to eat a crepe in my opinion... But just last week they put some picnic tables outside. Although those won't be useful until the fall when this insane heat is over..

Since its not the best idea to get a large group to try this place out, I went with 2 other friends. And we planned on taking the crepes back to my friend's apartment to chow down.

Walking in, yea... the place is TINY! The guy at the register was really friendly. And you can see the other people in the kitchen right behind him making crepes and stuff.

There were so many different ones I wanted to try. I had 3 choices for the savory crepe. I decided on the Cuban (Slow roasted pork, pickles & onion topped with Dijon mustard and Swiss cheese) $7.80~ The guy at the register said that was his favorite, so I was like "ok, I'll trust your suggestion!"
The crepes were nicely packed in a plastic container and came with mixed sweet potato and taro chips and salsa. The salsa was fantastic!! The crepe looked really good, but it was a little hard to eat. You really needed a fork and knife. I was quite disappointed. The pork had nice flavor, but was seriously overcooked. It was dry and instead of a nice crispy crust, it was hard... :( I liked the addition of the dijon and pickles but it was lacking a sauce. The entire thing was a little dry. Also, I noticed that they were making crepes ahead of time and just reheating it on the griddle when an order came in. I think that's a big mistake. The crepe is no longer fresh, and its not hot enough to melt the cheese inside. We got just random chunks of swiss cheese inside the crepe. If it was gooey and melty that would've made it soo much better. I ended up pouring all the salsa into the crepe. And the salsa was the best part of the entire dish! Sigh... not a good sign.

My friend got the Philly Cheese Crepe (thinly sliced ribeye, Provolone, carmelized onions & bell peppers) $7.90~ This was one of my top choices as well. Again...needs sauce!! It was too dry. The cheese wasn't melted. You can't have a philly cheese and not have melty cheese!! The flavors were ok, just wasn't all that spectacular. And she didn't get any salsa... booo...

I also thought the prices were a tad high. Since we are not able to dine in the store, I feel like it should be cheaper than restaurant food... Don't you think??

We also got 2 sweet crepes to share.

I chose the Tiramisu (Creamy mascarpone cheese laced with espresso topped with
chocolate and caramel sauce) $5.90~ The sweet crepe and savory crepe batters are different I believe. The savory crepes are a little softer, more pancake-y. The sweet crepes were a little harder, but since it was pre-made then reheated... it got hard instead of crispy. It was a little hard to even cut through with the weak plastic knife. I liked this cuz it was chocolatey, but if you didn't tell me it was tiramisu... I would've never guessed it. First of all, usually in a tiramisu the mascarpone/cream part is white. This one was completely mixed with chocolate so it looked more like chocolate mousse. Second, I didn't taste the espresso part...just chocolate. But you can never go wrong with chocolate, the filling was still tasty. Just didn't care for the texture of the actual crepe.

We also got the Nutella (Buttery chocolate hazelnut spread with bananas & strawberries) $4.90~ This is as standard as you can get for a crepe. I thought there was enough fruit to sauce to crepe ratio. So that was good. But again, tough crepe.. I've had much better sweet crepes than this.

Tear... I'm sad that this was so disappointing. It was such a cute little shop and interesting concept. Plus all the past reviews have been really great. Makes me wonder if they were just having an off day. But I really don't think they should pre-make the crepes. That changes the texture when they reheat them to assemble. I mean, I kinda understand since they are drive-thru that they need to get it out faster, but still...there needs to be another way.

However, their Granita (frozen Espresso) 16oz. $3.50~ is delicious. I NEVER drink coffee, but they gave me a sample and I actually ordered my first coffee drink in my entire life! :) It was like drinking melted coffee ice cream in a slushy. haha. If you like sweet coffees, you'll probably like this!

Anyways, I might give them another shot sometime in the future. Hopefully during this time they will tweak their recipes/operations a bit too... In the mean time, if you want crepes, Cafe Flair in Frisco is pretty good! :)

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