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Saturday, July 2, 2011

LA Trip June2011 - Chicken Maison

Last Friday night my friend suggested we go to Chicken Maison by his apartment.

3901 Pacific Coast Hwy. Ste D.
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 465-1050

Price: $

They serve Mediterranean cuisine that are fresh and healthy. It's a tiny little place so there's a chance you might have to wait...

My friend recommended the items he usually gets...

Chinese Chicken Salad (romaine, chicken, mixed shredded cabbage & carrots, green onions, cucumbers, mandarin oranges, sesame seeds and pita croutons tossed with Maison Chinese dressing) $8.25~ It was a gigantic salad. The ingredients were all really fresh and the flavors were good. The chicken was really tender. You get crunch from their pita crouton, the tender chicken, sweet mandarin oranges and tangy vinaigrette. Mmmm...the pita crouton was one of the best parts! hehe. We ate it all... haha.

He highly recommended the Six Spicy Legs with 2 Sides (side of Hummus and Maison Rice and Pita bread) $7.95~ It was on the Specials board, not on the regular menu. It was a ton of food! 6 Rotisserie chicken legs topped with a ton of herbs and sauce. It was a little spicy and tangy and the herbs added tons of flavor. The rice and hummus was a nice pairing on the side. It also comes with Tzatziki sauce which needs to be eaten with the chicken. The flavors all go together really well.

We ate everything... I was sooo beyond full I couldn't move!

Quality of Food:




Overall Experience:


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