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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Hour @ The Melting Pot

I've always wanted to go check out The Melting Pot since I've never been to a fondue restaurant. I've heard mixed reviews about the place though. So when I found out they had happy hour specials, I thought it would be a good chance for me to check it out but not shell out a bunch of moolah.

The Melting Pot
4900 Belt Line Road #200
Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 960-7027

Price: $ (for happy hour)

Their happy hour is Sun-Fri from 5-6:30PM at the bar only. It's first come first serve like most happy hours in Dallas. Their bar isn't that big...

We went on a Sunday afternoon around 6pm. The place was pretty empty. Good for us! :) The bartenders were super cool and chatted with us while we looked over the menu options. And while they were making the fondues. Very relaxed a friendly people!

There were 4 of us so it worked out really well since the fondues were all meant for 2 people to share.

We got the Toasted Almond and Honey Brie Plate (served with crackers, sliced apples, strawberries, and grapes) $6~
I'm not a cheese and crackers person at all, but I think I'm slowly starting to be ok with it. Brie has to be one of my favorite cheeses I think. It's creamy and mild and goes really well with sweet or savory things. The brie with the honey and almonds was really good. And for $6 this was a great value for a cheese plate.

We also Cheese Fondue for 2 $7~ We added $3.50 for additional person since one friend didn't eat this. We chose the Spinach Artichoke Fondue (Fontina and Butterkase cheeses, white wine, spinach, artichoke hearts and a touch of garlic). Comes with chips, bread, veggies, and granny smith apples for dipping. The bartenders heat up and mix the fondue for us right at the bar so we get to see them put everything into the pot! :) They also added tabasco and chopped jalapenos into the mix. A nice touch! The Spinach and Artichoke fondue was really good! The cheeses were mild so it didn't overpower anything. There was lots of spinach and artichoke bits in the mix as well. It was quite tasty. And fun to do with your friends! :) AND it doesn't break the bank!!

Next was the Chocolate Fondue for 2 $8~ We picked the Dark Chocolate Fondue (served with cheesecake, brownies, pound cake, marshmallows, strawberries, Rice Krispies treats and bananas for dipping. You also have the option of milk or white chocolate fondues. The dark chocolate was delicious! Not too sweet with just a hint of that bitterness. The wide range of dipping items was cool. The actual desserts on their own though, were not that great quality. You really need to dip them in that luxurious chocolate bath! haha. My favorites were actually the fruits in the chocolate dip...

It was a lot of fun! And it was actually quite filling! I totally enjoyed it and will definitely be going back. Happy Hour saved us at least 50% of the cost too!

Quality of Food:



Value (for HH):

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