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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Second Floor @ Galleria

I went to The Second Floor at the Westin Hotel in Galleria this past Friday. I really like the decor and feel of this place and their food is pretty good! It's a little pricey though.

The Second Floor
13340 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75240
(972) 450-2978

Price: $$-$$$

So we took advantage of their happy hour which lasted until 7PM. The Friday specials are half price appetizers, $2 off cocktails and some discounts on wine and beer as well. I mainly go for the food of course! :P

The place was pretty empty when we got there. The bar had some people, but the dining room was empty. We were immediately seated.

Half of our group was running late so my friend and I decided to get a cocktail and appetizer to start. I wanted to try the Treetini (veev acai spirit, hanger one mandarin, pomegranate, blueberry) $13~ but I didn't want all of it so we were going to share it.
All the cocktails were expensive in my opinion. The reason I chose the Treetini was this line in the menu: "A tree will be planted in your honor for every treetini purchased." I thought that was pretty cool. Since I'm going to spend the money, might as well do some good too! haha. The cocktail was very fragrant and fresh. I really liked the fresh blueberries in there. It was slightly too strong for me though, so my friend finished it.

I also got the Grilled Flatbread (red pepper pesto, english pea hummus, spinach artichoke dip) $10~ The happy hour special makes it $5! That's a good deal! The flatbread was warm and soft. It went so well with all the dips. While all 3 dips were good, the red pepper pesto was my favorite and the hummus not too far behind it. The hummus also had some shaved truffles on there. Mmmm!! This was so good we eventually ordered a second one before happy hour was over. :)

The rest of the group showed up and one guys got the Fennel Sausage Pizza (wild mushrooms, marinated olives) $14~ It was a good sized pizza with plenty of toppings. The sausage was super flavorful and I loved the assortment of wild mushrooms on top. It was really delicious. Slightly expensive...but tasty.

I was already kinda full at the point but I don't know why I continued to order stuff. haha. I think partially I just wanted to try it and I also wanted some greens to balance out all the carbs.

I got the half order of the Wilted Spinach Salad (bacon, pecans, blue cheese) $5~ For the price, this was a good deal. There was plenty of pecans and blue cheese on there which can be expensive. But I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese so it was a little overwhelming and I ended up picking most of it out. The spinach was really fresh and I liked the big pieces of bacon in there. It was quite a big portion for a half salad too!

I had known before going in that I wanted to try the Roasted Corn Soup (truffles, crème fraîche) cup $4.50~ They pour the soup for you tableside so that was kinda fun. And I love sounded so good! The soup was creamy and silky but I prefer corn soups to have chunks of corn in there. I like the texture. This was lacking in texture. The corn was super sweet so maybe they can add a bit of heat to add some depth of flavor or something. It didn't meet my expectations. :( I guess I was expecting more of a corn chowder or something.

We saw their specials menu when we arrived and immediately decided we have to get the dessert. "Exclusive Creations from Chef J. Chastain": Bacon Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae (hot fudge sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, bruleed banana) $9~ BACON was the key word. haha. I totally love bacon in everything including sweets. I've written about different bacon desserts in my blog already. It's just so versatile! The dessert was quite large and looked awesome. The brownie was packed full of bacon! I think there was a layer of peanut butter brownie, then a layer of bacon, and the bottom was a chocolate brownie. It was totally interesting and I thought it was great! There were lots of different textures between the brownie, bacon, creamy ice cream, and the bruleed banana (had a nice crispy sugar shell). If you like sweet and savory, you just might enjoy this dessert!

Overall the food was pretty great. Our waitress was super nice and helpful. The bill still came out a little higher than I wanted. And I actually could've done without the soup and salad. I was soo STUFFED! Definitely had a massive food baby bump. hahaha. I'll be back for their happy hour again in the future. I really enjoy the atmosphere there. :) I just hope they get more customers so they can stay in business!

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