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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Big Bib BBQ

This past Saturday my bf and I drove down to San Antonio because he was gonna buy a new car! Long story...but basically there was a good deal with the car he wanted but they weren't able to ship it up to Dallas. Blehh... so we had to take the 5 hour drive down to SA. Oh wellz~ Might as well have some fun! :)

When we arrived in SA, we met up with his parents and decided to grab some lunch first since the dealership was probably gonna take forever.

Of course I wanted to try something local and new so I did some searches on google and on yelp. I found The Big Bib on yelp and it was really close to where we met up. It had crazy good ratings so I was intrigued!

The Big Bib
2427 Austin Hwy
San Antonio, TX 78218
(210) 654-8400
Price: $

First of all, this place is tiny! You order at the counter and there are only 4 small tables. It was full when we got there but luckily most of the groups were leaving. They had a steady stream of customers come in. Most people ordered to-go but there were still some that ate there. The other tables were never empty for very long.

The couple that worked there (I think they own the joint) were super nice.

Between the 4 of us, we ordered a bunch of stuff to share:

1 lb. Pork "Baby Back" Ribs $9.80~ The ribs were SUPER tender and juicy. OMG!! Definitely one of the best ribs I've had in a longg time. And the cut of the meat was slightly different than normal baby back ribs. It was just different in the way that the meat rips off the bone. The bbq sauce was really good too. A little tangy with a slight hint of sweet. It didn't overwhelm the meats, it enhanced it. Although I would've preferred a bit more heat, so I asked them for hot sauce which definitely hit the spot! The meats also came with either white or wheat bread.
1/2 lb. Brisket $4.80~ (below: on the left) The brisket was pretty good, but some parts were slightly dry. The piece that I got was good though. But it was pretty basic.
1/2 lb. Pull Pork $4.78~ (above: on the right) The pulled pork was fantastic! I usually don't see pulled pork done this way, it almost looked like it was chopped up brisket! But the bark on the pork was flavorful and it had just enough fat to make it super tender. I can't decide if the pulled pork or the ribs were the best of the meal...but since they are both pork I guess it doesn't matter! haha. Seriously good food!!

Potato Salad Large $4~ The potato salad was good but pretty standard. It wasn't too heavy with too much sauce. It was just right.
Cole Slaw Single Serving $1.65~ So I'm actually not quite sure how much we paid for the cole slaw because they were actually running out. We got the last 3 scoops of it so they just put it in those little containers. The coleslaw was good, also pretty standard. It was crisp and refreshing with the meats.

Greens (Cabbage and Mustard Greens) Medium $3~ The greens were cooked with pork, but I didn't get much of the flavor. It wasn't anything special but it was nice to get some veggies though.

Finally, the dessert! Peach Cobbler $2~ This was one thing on the menu that all the reviews raved about. Some claim that this is one of the best cobblers ever. Now...I'm not a huge cobbler fan. But I still wanted to try it. My bf's mom LOVES cobbler and she LOVED it. For $2 it's a pretty big portion. My favorite part of cobblers are the crispy buttery topping...and there wasn't enough of it. But I do have to say that the flavors in the cobbler were really good. I wished there were more chunks of peach though. There was a lemon or orange flavor in the cobbler...definitely some sort of citrus, I couldn't pinpoint which one. But it definitely made the flavors for complex...added depth. That was a very nice touch. I enjoyed it a lot!

This is one of the best bbq experiences I've had so far. It's not like going to a typical bbq joint but the food is fantastic. If you visit San Antonio or better yet, live there..., definitely go check this place out! I've already told my friends in SA about this place! :)

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