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Monday, August 15, 2011


I've been wanting to check out Sutra since it opened and then I bought a Groupon for it. But it's taken me forever to finally go. I read some reviews online and it make me a little nervous. Most of them were terrible... Most said the food was good but the service was atrocious. :/ But I gotta use my Groupon so I got a couple friends together and went last Friday.

7181 Bishop Rd
Plano, TX 75024
(972) 398-9339

Price: $$-$$$

The Groupon said I had to make a reservation so I did. But it really wasn't necessary. The place was pretty empty the entire time during our dinner. The decor was ok, kind of bare in my opinion and not as fancy as I expected after seeing the prices of the food.

The host at the front was very nice. Our waiter was nice as well. The service wasn't exceptional or anything but I didn't see any of the complaints from the online reviews...

There were only 3 of us and $40 to spend so we ordered a few things to share.

Cauliflower Katmandu (Sauteed with peppers and garlic sauce) $7~ This wasn't what I expected at all. I didn't know it was going to be breaded and coated in a sweet and sour sauce. It actually looked like sweet and sour chicken/pork in a Chinese restaurant. And it tasted like sweet and sour pork. haha. We were all surprised by it. But we all liked it. The flavors were bold and it was nice to eat a vegetarian dish and have it taste like meat! haha.

Punjabi Chicken Masala (Simmered in onion tomato Masala sauce) $15~ I like Chicken Masala but this wasn't what we expected. For the price, I would've expected a bit more chicken. But the chicken was quite tender. The sauce however, wasn't like normal Chicken Masala I've had before. It was ok... We didn't care for it too much.

Jaipur Malai Kofta (Potato, peas and paneer croquettes simmered in creamy tomato sauce) $12.95~ This wasn't what we expected either. Usually when I see "croquettes" I expect some sort of fried cake of some sort. This was neither fried nor in the shape of a patty/cake. It looked like 3 big meatballs. But it was all vegetarian. This was amazingly delicious!! The description also said it was a tomato base sauce but it was so different than the Masala. This was creamy and luxurious and full of spices. The combinations of spices were great and it had a nice heat to it. The "meatballs" (hehe) were awesome. The texture was velvety and soft and you can see the chunks of peas and paneer inside the potato based ball. I just wished there were more than 3! The sauce was good on everything. We sopped it up with the naan and poured it over the rice.

The basmati rice came with the 2 entree dishes. It was good...the texture was just right and worked great with the sauces.

Tandoori Naan (Garlic & Basil, Rosemary) each $2.99~ The dishes don't come with naan so we got some on the side. The naan were cooked great. The Garlic & Basil was my favorite out of the two because it had great garlic flavor. It was soooo good dipping in the Kofta sauce. YUM!!!

We were surprisingly stuffed after our meal, and we didn't even finish all the food! It was a pretty good dinner. I would definitely go back just for the Jaipur Malai Kofta. I'm drooling just thinking about it as I'm writing this! haha. The Groupon was a great deal. I think their regular prices are a little high but the food quality is there. I would recommend this place and I'm sure I will go back in the future.

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