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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Magnolia Cafe & Bakery

I met up with some friends on Saturday for some drinks...and late lunch for me. I suggested Magnolia Bakery on Hebron and Midway. I've never actually been there, but a friend of mine had one of their cakes for her birthday (chocolate with chocolate icing) and it was DIVINE! So I thought it would be a chill place to go for a light lunch. :)

Magnolia Cafe & Bakery
3412 E Hebron Parkway, Suite 106
Carrollton TX 75010
(972) 267-2253

Price: $

It's a cute cafe...simple, quiet, bright and a very nice display of yummy desserts!! You order at the counter and they bring the food to your table.

All my friends ate lunch already so one of them just ordered a Red Velvet Cupcake $2~ It looks pretty. It was pretty standard...nothing really special about it.

Another friend got the Kid's PB&J. I'm not sure how much it cost... The plate was so cute! haha. Everything was like mini. I think also a pretty standard PB&J.

I got the Magnolia Medley: Salad and 1/2 Traditional Sandwich. Small Caesar and Egg Salad Sandwich (on wheat bread served with kettle chips and mini muffin) $7.50~ This turned out to be quite a bit of food! Everything was fresh and tasty. But all in all, standard... again.

I also got the Pumpkin Bar $1.50~ There were so many other things I wanted to try but decided to start with this one. It was pretty good. I liked how the cream cheese frosting was just a thin layer on top, otherwise it would've been too sweet. It was a nice sweet ending to the meal.

Overall it was a good lunch, nothing spectacular. But I had a great time catching up with my friends! :) One sucky thing though...I pulled out my receipt after I left and realized they charged me for an ice tea I didn't order! :( Oh well...I guess thats $2 in tips for them...

I would probably go back for their desserts in the future, but not really in a rush.

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