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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blue Plate Special!! :D

**Update 12.30.10**

I went back for their NFL HH about 2 months ago. They have completely new menu items. Some are great additions, like the Country Fried Chicken Wings. YUM! But they took away the Chili Cheese Hot Dogs!! Nooooo! I kept trying to hint to them to bring it back...I hope they do!

I LUVVVV Chef Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen!! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Dallas. Not only do they have great food, the service and specials are amazing!! :)

I went with some friends this past Sunday to watch the game and also to take advantage of their Sunday NFL Happy Hour which is every Sunday from noon-9pm. There are drink specials as well as food specials. They also have daily Happy Hour specials from 11am to 7pm and Reverse Happy Hour from 9pm to close (which is 11pm I believe). I recommend everyone go check it out!

Their NFL Happy Hour menu is pretty limited…only 4 items…I wish they would add more. So we ordered 1 of each to share (all $5 per order):

Ancho Honey BBQ Wings (topped with blue cheese, with blue cheese dip).
These were really good. The wings were cooked nicely and super tender. The honey glaze added a nice sweetness and the blue cheese crumbles on top added a creamy saltiness. One complaint is that it wasn’t big enough! :P

Cheeseburger Sliders. These were really cute and the flavor was good, but pretty normal. The meat patty could’ve been a little bigger and they could’ve added something to jazz it up…maybe a special cheese or some bacon! Hehe.

Chili Cheese Gourmet Hot Dogs (topped with jalapeno slices). There were 2 hot dogs, smothered with chili and topped with jalapeno slices. OMG. They were SO freaking delicious! The buns were nice and soft, the chili had great flavor and there was enough to smother the hot dog but not excess to make the bread soggy. The jalapeno slices on top were a nice bonus, added more heat to those who love spicy à ME!! This was my favorite of the night!

Black Bean Brisket Nachos. This was my #2 of the night. The portion was pretty huge. Awesome deal for just $5! It was loaded with toppings which included black beans, brisket, sour cream, and diced tomatoes. The brisket was cut in large chunks and there was so much meat…unlike most places where they give you like a few pieces. They were so tender and packed with flavor. All the components with the chips totally worked together. I couldn’t stop eating it!

**I want to mention just how great their service is… Not only was our waiter friendly and attentive (without being overly attentive…very important), the host/hostess were super nice. Also at one point my friend lost his contact and 2 of the waitresses quickly grabbed some flashlights to help us look for it! Totally awesome!!** :)

We watched the game for a bit then asked for the dessert menu. I noticed that they had slightly changed it since the last time I was there. They took out a few items and added new ones. Also they reduced the portion size as well as the price. Each dessert is now $5. Even though the Buttermilk Pie is my favorite, I decided to order the banana split for something new.

Banana Split (trio of Paciugo gelato with bananas, whip cream, and hot fudge). It was a different presentation than normal banana splits. It was almost like a mini version. The gelato was great…Paciugo is awesome! I felt like the bananas were a little under-ripe though. The Buttermilk Pie is still my fave! Even though the desserts are smaller, it still filled me up. I was really full after…very satisfied with the entire meal!

After the meal the waiter came with our check. He genuinely thanked us for dining with them and since we were their first customers for the NFL Happy Hour that night, the restaurant had comped our drinks! YAYYY! Blue Plate never ceases to amaze me!! Hopefully I will go back again in the near future.

In the mean time, I think everyone should go check them out! You won’t be disappointed!!

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