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Monday, September 21, 2009

Urban Crust - Desserts

After Vapiano, we headed to Plano searching for some desserts. Ended up at Urban Crust in downtown Plano. Initially we were going to try Urban Crust for dinner, but they don’t take reservations and usually have a ridiculous wait, so we had changed our plans. But somehow we ended up there anyways. hehe. This way we still got to check the place out and hopefully not wait as long.

Urban Crust
1006 E 15th St
Plano, Texas 75074
(972) 509-1400

Price: $-$$

Even at 9:15PM, there was a 30 minute wait for a table for 3 people. Craziness! The restaurant is quite small and consists of 3 floors with the bar at the top.

After being seated, I looked around at all the other tables with their pizzas. It looked pretty tasty…I’ll have to go back in the future to try actual food.

We ordered 2 desserts to share. The selection of desserts was pretty limited so we ordered the only 2 that looked good…and the only 2 that the waitress suggested…haha.

Creme Brulee (delicate baked custard, fresh berries) $4.90~

The custard was really smooth and not as thick as some I’ve had in the past. I liked the fact that it wasn’t super creamy. Flavor was good…pretty normal as far as Crème Brulees go.

Jeanne-Marie's Chocolate Cake (layers and layers of dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting) $5.90~ This came highly recommended by the waitress. The cake was pretty big, and sooo dark that it was pretty much black! O.o The cake looked super moist and the first few bites it was pretty moist. But the more we ate the drier it became. I mean, it wasn’t super dry or anything but we really needed some sort of sauce…either a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream would’ve helped tremendously. (it was an additional $1.50 to add a scoop of ice cream, so we decided to forgo it...)

Overall the desserts were not bad, but I thought they were too expensive for what we got. But in the end our sweet tooth was satisfied so I guess they served their purpose.

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