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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Better than Hey Cupcake?

Society Bakery
3426 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 827-1411
Price: $

A friend of mine told me about Society Bakery on lower Greenville. She said that she liked their cupcakes better than Hey Cupcake in Austin. What what?!?! This I must check out!! :)

I didn't really like the fact that they close really early and don't open at all on Sundays. It's difficult to find a time to go. But this past Saturday I had an opportunity so I faced the pouring rain and went.

It's a small little place with its goodies laid out in the display case. Each cupcake is $2.95~

I was lucky and got the last Red Velvet (with cream cheese icing). We also got the Banana Chocolate Chip (with buttercream icing), it was recommended by the guy helping's his favorite. Lastly, we got a Yellow Cake cupcake (with chocolate buttercream icing). (clockwise from bottom left)
The cupcakes were a little sad looking, but they were a pretty good size. After picking it up I noticed they were very delicate. The cake was super light and moist. A little too light because it kept crumbling into my lap.

I had the Red Velvet first...of course. The flavor of the cake was really good and super moist. The icing was very creamy and not overly sweet. As far as consistency and textures go, I prefer a denser cake, like Hey Cupcake.

Next we tried the Banana Chocolate Chip. The cake wasn't as moist as the Red Velvet but still very moist. I liked that the banana flavor was very prominent in the cake. I liked the texture of the icing but the taste was a little weird. I tasted a hint of salt in both of the buttercream icings. I know that in baking, a little bit of salt brings out more flavor of the sweet, but I don't think we're supposed to be able to taste the saltiness. It was just a hint so it wasn't that bad.

We saved the Yellow Cake one for later. I gave it to my dad. :)

Overall the cupcakes were pretty good. Better than all the others I've had other than Hey Cupcake. Hey Cupcake still trumps all!!!! But Hey Cupcake is far away in Austin, I think I've found an alternative option closer to home until I go back to Austin. :) Plus I haven’t tried Sprinkles yet!!

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