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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Restaurant Week #3: Coast Global Seafood

**Update 12.28.10**
I'm sorry to say that I just found out Coast Global Seafood is no longer open for business... :(

Coast Global Seafood recently opened up at the Shops at Legacy in Plano. It’s the sister restaurant to Nicola's, which I’ve been to and enjoyed. The restaurant looked really cool from the outside and I thought it would be cool to try!

The restaurant has a really nice outdoor seating area, looked like a cool place to chill on a nice night with some friends. First impression walking in was that the décor was pretty awesome. There were lots of ocean type decorations, very modern with lots of color but yet still casual/lounge-y comfortable.

We were given the regular menu after we were seated. I had to ask for the Restaurant Week menu…I thought that was kind of weird since I made the reservation specifically for restaurant week. But it was good that we also got the regular menu, because after looking at the RW menu, I decided to order off the regular one.

I ordered from the regular menu and my bf ordered from the restaurant week menu so we could share everything. YAY! More sampling different dishes!

I got the COAST Salad (organic baby herbs, goat cheese, candied walnuts, honey blossom vinaigrette) $6~ to start.

It was very fresh and large enough for 2 people to share. The vinaigrette was sweet and tangy. It was a good start to the meal.

For my entrée I got George’s Bank Sea Scallops (with tagliatelle pasta, peas, ricotta & lemon zest) (light portion $24~). I really liked this dish. The pasta was cooked perfectly and I believe it was made in house. The scallops were also cooked very nicely…smooth and tender with great flavor. The peas added more texture and the ricotta added more creaminess to the pasta. The cream sauce wasn’t overwhelming and did not weigh the dish down. I also thought the ‘light’ portion was more than enough to fill me up.

For our restaurant week selections, we got the Fried Calamari (sage, lemon aioli, Thai chili sauce) for the appetizer. The portion was quite big. I liked the flavor and crunchiness of the calamari as well as the 2 dipping sauces. However, the calamari was very small so it seemed like it was mostly breading.

For the entrée, he got the Roasted Black Grouper (served with glazed potatoes and grilled asparagus). All the entrees for restaurant week came with the same sides. I was a little shocked when they served the entrees because the portions looked sooo small. A small piece of fish with a couple pieces of potatoes and a couple sprigs of asparagus… This is probably the smallest portion I’ve seen to-date on a restaurant week outing. Luckily my pasta was more than enough to share! :) The flavor of everything was good…I especially liked the potatoes. The fish was also cooked nicely.

For the dessert we got the Chocolate Bete Noir (flourless chocolate cake with mint anglais and chocolate gelato). An anglais is the French term for a rich custard sauce that is traditionally flavored with vanilla and served cold. The dessert looked kind of funny…haha. You can think for yourself from the pic. But it was super tasty! The cake was moist and fudgy. The gelato added a different creaminess and the mint anglais was refreshing. The anglais tasted just like a fresh mint leaf and definitely complemented the rich chocolate. Needless to say I scraped that plate clean! :P

One of my friends also decided to order from the regular menu. She got the Black Grouper Ceviche (tomato, jalapeno, cilantro & citrus) $8.95~ to start. It was soooo small! It’s basically a shot of ceviche for 9 bucks. The fish was very fresh but I thought it was totally not worth the money.

She got the Red Snapper (red curry-lemongrass broth, aromatic jasmine rice & papaya salsa) $29~ for her entrée. The portion size was pretty good on this dish. The fish looked like it had a nice crisp on the top. The fish was cooked nicely and had really great flavor. The rice felt more like the texture of risotto, where the rice seems slightly undercooked…which I liked.

These were the other Restaurant Week menu selections:

Crab Dip (green chili crab dip with roasted red pepper salsa and corn tortilla chips)

Caesar Salad (romaine, grana padano, croutons, and eggless Caesar vinaigrette)
Gulf Shrimp Tortilla Soup (avocado and spicy lime broth)
North Atlantic Lemon Sole Meuniere (served with glazed potatoes and grilled asparagus).

Caramel Coconut Panna Cotta (with roasted peaches).
It wasn’t that great. It was kind of runny…and you couldn’t really taste much of the coconut.

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