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Monday, September 21, 2009


I've started/joined another dining club...hahaha. So much food! We will be meeting once a quarter to try out new restaurants! :)

Our first ever meeting was at Suze, a Mediterranean/French/Italian influenced menu.
4345 W Northwest Hwy # 270
Dallas, TX 75220
(214) 350-6135
Price: $$$

So walking in....the restaurant is tinyyyy!! It was a cozy little place, PACKED with people. It seems to cater to an older clientele, 50's+ or so. Customers just kept coming in. We had a party of 8, so even though we had a reservation; we waited a good 30-40 minutes, at least, before we were seated.

The waiter came by and took our drink orders and we were served some bread. The presentation of the bread was pretty cool and it came with some sort of chili oil dipping sauce. The bread was ok, could've been better if it was toasted or something, but at that point everyone was pretty much starving.

On to the foooooood....

We ordered one of the Specials of the Day: Curry Pork Chops (with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables) $24~

It was super delicious. The curry flavors were very bold without being overwhelming. The pork chop was a nice thick cut on the bone and cooked perfectly. I also really liked the demi glaze on top of the chops and the potato and veggies paired well with the meat. I love pork chops and this is definitely a good one!!

We also ordered the Porcini Papardelle Pasta (with veal bolognese, oli d'Oliva and grated Spanish Manchego cheese) $19~ Since we had the yummy Papardelle pasta in Boston, I was very curious to try this one. SO. YUM. The pasta wasn't as al dente as Boston's but it was pretty good. I liked the fact that there was a lot of veal in the meat sauce, and the sauce wasn't too sour. The overall flavor of the pasta was almost perfect and the Manchego cheese melting on top definitely added to that.

Here are some other entrees that other people ordered:
Baby Rack of Lamb (black pepper crusted, with zucchini-feta cake, honeyed Greek yogurt and demi noir) $27~The Bottom Line (Grilled Black Angus Tenderloin w/ creamy caramelized garlic potato puree and crispy red onion strings) $34~ I had a piece of the tenderloin and it was super tender!

For dessert we got the Bittersweet Schokinag Chocolate Truffle Cake (with nutella mascarpone and cinnamon toasted filberts) $9~ The texture of the cake felt almost like a flourless chocolate cake. It was very moist and soft. The semi melted scoop of nutella mascarpone on top was so yummy. It slowly drizzled down the cake as you cut into it w/ your spoon. :)))

It was a wonderful dinner, the portions were pretty big and the food was tasty so I was super stuffed after the meal. The service was pretty good as well. And of course good company makes any dining experience better! I would definitely recommend Suze, but make sure you call early for reservations since space is very limited.

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