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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All-Inclusive BABYYYYYY~~

I went on vacation to Mexico for the first time last month. OMG. One of the best vacations of my life! All inclusive is totally the way to go!! Unlimited food and drinks. YEA!! :D

We stayed at the Secret Silversands Hotel in Puerto Morelos. It's about 20 minutes south of Cancun and 20 minutes north of Playa del Carmen. The food there was FANTASTIC! Upscale, nicely decorated restaurants with great service. It certainly was one of the many highlights of the trip.

I'm just going to post most of the yummy food pics from the trip (minimal text...cuz there's A LOT of pics!).
DEEE-licious! :)

Night 1: RATATOUILLE (Mediterranean):
- Prosciutto and Green Tomato Brochette- Stuffed Beef Ribs (with Porcini mushrooms and a garnish of turned potatoes). This was the best dish of the trip. The only thing that we ordered again! It was so tender it melted in your mouth!
- Special of the Day: Surf & Turf (filet mignon with jumbo shrimp)- Raviolis (filled with duck and pumpkin in oregano sauce) - Chocolate Timbal (with vanilla ice cream)- Creme Brulee (with passion fruit)
Night 2: HIMITSU (Asian & Hibachi):
- Spring Rolls - Fried Rice - Fried Ice Cream - Dragon Roll (Masago, crab meat, avocado and cucumber with unagi)- Salmon, Hamachi (Yellowtail), Scallops Sashimi
Day 3: OCEANA (Seafood):
- Beef & Bean cheesy Nachos- Sea Bass Carpaccio (on fine slices of dill and serrano chile)- Lettuce & Seafood Mix (Roman style mixed lettuce with seafood and tomato dip)- Grilled Red Snapper Fish Fillet (marinated in cilantro served with fresh vegetables)- Hamburger of Mahi Mahi (cooked in lemon butter served with French Fries)- Mixed Brochette (Shrimp, squid, fish served with a shot of garlic "campirina") - Pastel Helado de Tres Leches y Compota de Pina (Tres Leches cake)- Chocolate Ice Cream (with peanut butter cookie)
Night 3: BORDEAUX (French):
- Spinach Salad (with snails burgundy and echalot sauce)- Caesar Salad (lettuce with dressing made from scratch)- Duck Magret (served with brunoisse of pears and apple with balsamic grapes sauce)- Salmon Filet (in pasta filo stuffed with dehydrated tomato and tarragon sauce)- Pork Medallions (served with grilled vegetables and balsamic with parsley oil)- Bavarois (double chocolate and cullis of raspberry)
Night 4: PORTOFINO (Italian):
- Trilogy of Carpaccios (Grouper, Tuna, and Salmon with Modena balsamic reduction)- Mussels in white wine and tomato sauce - Tomato cream soup perfumed with basil - Fusilli pasta with seafood and pesto sauce. PERFECTLY cooked pasta in every dish. I was super impressed!!
- Duck "Osobuco" (roasted on a bed of potatoes and vegetables). It was like BUTTER!!!
- Shrimp (cooked in warm lemon butter on a tomato brochette and pesto linguini)- Classic Tiramisu with mascarpone cream and coffee flavour - Chocolate Ganache Cake with Tangerine panacotta and peach sauce
- Jalapeno Cheese Poppers- Caesar Salad Rolls with Grilled Chicken - Catch of the Day Ceviche - Fajitas: Chicken Supreme with Oaxaca chese, Flank Steak or Seafood- Corn Chowder (with Crispy Tortilla and Tofu) - Cheesecake on Peanut Crust - Warm Three Cheesecake with Blackberry Sauce
Night 5: EL PATIO (Mexican): I'm not a fan of Mexican food. This place made me LOVE it! :)
- Salad "Milpa" Style (Coriander sparks, roasted tender corn, green beans and "cabuches" with epazote vinaigrette)- Tuna Chalupitas (small corn tortilla with Tuna sealed with green pepper served with avocado dip and refried beans) - Milk Chicken in Mole Poblano (traditional "mole poblano" sauce with Mexican rice and a "xaica" scent). Probably my #2 dish of the trip. Chicken was insanely tender and mole sauce was great!
- Beef Fillet (grilled with four different chili sauces)- Los Molcajetes (Mixed: with chicken, sausage and flank steak) - Aztecan souffle with ice cream and Oaxacan vanilla chocolate sauce - Marshmallow with "mole" and chocolate mousse
Night 5: OCEANA (2nd Dinner :P):
- Crab Rolls (stuffed with avocado and roasted peppers with tamarindo sauce)- Papardelle (pasta with prawns, fresh tomatoes and basil) - Shrimp Brochette (with bacon and pineapple "pastor" style) - Brownie with Red Fruit Parfait
- Salmon Gravlax with chickpeas - Beef Carpaccio with Rocket salad and fine slices of Parmesan cheese- Beef consomme with spinach ravioli - Pork Fillet (with artichoke risotto and almond/tangerine vodka sauce)- Scallops and Prawn "au truffle" cream - Cheesecake (with peanut butter and a dark and white chocolate mix) - Dark and white chocolate and coffee mix with strawberry culis
- Wide selection of foods - Pasta Bar - Desserts
I recommend Secret Silversands to everyone who is looking to vacation in Mexico. All inclusive, adults only, great food, great service all around...can't beat that!

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