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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taipei 2013: Part I - Snacks & Street Food

Finally got around to consolidating all my food pictures from my Taiwan trip in March. Get ready for several rounds of food porn!!!!!!  :P

I've made several categories. I'll start with general snacks and street food during the course of the trip. 
**The conversion rate is about NT$30 to USD$1.**

Thick Toast with Coconut Butter. LOVE!!
Breakfast Sandwich

Cake with Sweet Potato Filling. This was in the market where I went grocery shopping with my parents.

Matcha Latte. At Ikari Coffee.

Pearl Milk Tea NT$40~ At Chatime.

We took a day trip to JiuFen, an old gold mining town...  
Honey & Cheese Muffins NT$15~
Dried Fish (Wicked Spicy)
Tea Eggs
JiuFen's Signature Dish: Sweet Rice Balls Soup with Red and Mung Beans (served warm)

Here are some foods from the night market...
Waffles: This stand was new to me. The waffles were awesome. Soft on inside, crispy outside. Made completely with milk (no water). The texture was great!
Tiramisu NT$40~ 
3 for NT$100~: Sweet Potato, Strawberry Condensed Milk, Caramel Double Q

Pan Fried Buns 5 for NT$50~
Spring Roll Ice Cream (peanut brittle, red bean ice cream in rice paper) NT$45~
 Fried Chicken with Basil NT$50~ 

Frozen Yogurt. At Hielo.

Pig Intestine Rice Noodle. BEST EVER!! :)

Geez... I'm drooling just looking at these pictures. Got MORE posts to go!! Stay tuned! :)


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