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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taipei 2013: Part III - Desserts/Cafes

Dazzling Cafe Mint 

My friend and I randomly walked by this place while looking for a place for dinner. I decided that I wanted to come back after for dessert! I loved the decor and color scheme. It's not an actual Hello Kitty cafe so it wasn't exploding with pink and Hello Kitty-ness. It had just the right amount. hehe. 

One look at the menu and I wish I had completely skipped dinner... Freaking amazing. I wanted to try everything! They had 3 variations of thick toast!! O.O One of my favorite things ever!! 

We weren't too hungry though so we ordered some drinks and shared a dessert. 

Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast NT$290~
Awesome. Just freaking awesome. So pretty and epic looking, I want it at every celebration. haha. But what really impressed me was the assembly of it all. You cut into it and you find individually toasted cubes of bread injected with chocolate sauce. What what?? Like I said... freaking AWESOMEEEEEE!! I sooooo wish I had room to order another one. 

Dazzling Cocoa (hot) NT$140~ Really nice presentation with the cool cup and saucer. The hot chocolate itself could've been creamier/more chocolatey in my opinion. But in Asia things tend to be less sweet. 

Earl Grey Black Tea with Milk (hot) NT$160~ 

Matcha Latte NT$150~ Pretty colors and pretty damn awesome tasting! 

I'd say Dazzling Cafe was one of the most memorable eating experiences on this trip. I can't wait to go again when I'm back in Taipei!!

Hello Kitty Sweets 

Decided to go check out the actual Hello Kitty Cafe. It's definitely decked out in Hello Kitty even before walking in the door. Although upon entering, I didn't have the same positive feeling as Dazzling Cafe. The lighting was dimmer and it felt older/dingy than Dazzling Cafe. There were some cute cakes in the display case but none looked as tasty as the epic honey toast from earlier. But of course we still wanna try something! 

There's a NT$300 minimum per person here so we both got at least 1 dessert and a beverage. 

Hello Kitty Cake (Yogurt flavor) NT$280~ Very cute but soooo expensive! The flavors were super light and the cream and cake was extremely fluffy. However, it was almost 80% cream. The cake part was tiny! Fun to look at but meh to eat... 

Black Sesame Custard NT$60~ This was probably our favorite thing. I love black sesame and it was very obvious in the custard. The jar was very cute and custard had good texture. 

Cheesecake Tart NT$120~ Cute! Just like everything else. The flavor was actually pretty good but the cheesecake itself was a bit dry. You can tell it's been in the display case for a whole day. I think eating it when it's just prepared would've been great. But I still enjoyed it. 

Some sort of fruity drink NT$180~ Pretty...but eh. The coolest thing was the fruit juice ice cubes that melted and flavored the drink more. But pretty artificial tasting. 
I'd say save your money and go to Dazzling Cafe. haha. 

Cafe Marche 
This is a new cafe in my grandma's neighborhood. Cute place, very European. 

Chocolate Banana Crepe (with Passionfruit sauce) Interesting combination with the chocolate and passion fruit. Sweet and tart at the same time. It was pretty good. 

Ahhhhhh.... drooooooling...... 

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