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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taipei 2013: Part IV - Casual Dining

Here are some casual dining places I went during my trip. Soooo many choices in Taipei...

Don Don Raku 
My parents took my by this place the first day I was back. It was a short walk from my grandma's place. I saw what they had and the prices and was so psyched!! Sashimi on rice for US$5?!?!! OMG! Had to go!! So we went back there later for lunch! 
- B1. Assorted Sashimi Don NT$160~ So many varieties of sashimi. Fresh and thick cut. Such an amazing deal! The best option for sure! 
- D1. Chicken Leg + Mushroom Don NT$145 
- Salmon Cheeks NT$160~
- Self Serve Miso Soup (free) 

Hi Sushi - Conveyor Belt Sushi 
So many great and cheap sushi places here. Is it heaven? haha. For the good lunch deal here, you have to get it to-go.
- Uni NT$200~ We ate it there while we waited for our to-go order. Kinda small and pricey but tasty.

- Lunch To-Go: 
6 Piece with Miso Soup NT$168~ Killer deal. Good quality. Awesome!
4 Piece with Cucumber Roll NT$100~ 

Bom Bom - Vegetarian Restaurant
I tried this place out with a friend of mine. I didn't realize it was a vegetarian place until I looked at the business card later... I guess it makes sense since none of our dishes had meat in it! They did NOT have an English menu btw... It took us awhile to order. hahaha. 
- Pumpkin and Cheese Pie NT$80~ Flaky pastry, mashed pumpkin filling. Yum!
- Spaghetti with Mushrooms in Butter Sauce NT$230~ I say it time and time again.. Asians know how to cook pasta! Delicious... the pasta was cooked perfectly and the butter sauce was decadent. 
- Spanish Rice NT$280~ 

Little Master Tofu Cuisine

This turned out to be a stinky tofu place. My mom held her nose the entire time. hahaha. I don't mind it. After a while I didn't even smell it anymore. And I haven't had stinky tofu in years! Wasn't as stinky as I remembered... The food was decently good here. But soooo greasy. :( 
- Spicy Stinky Tofu Pot NT$60~
- Beef and Duck Blood Pot NT$150~ 
- Braised Tofu Pot NT$120~ 
- Bamboo Shoots NT$130~ 
- Garlic Pork NT$150~ LOVE this stuff!!! :)
- Chicken NT$280~ 
- Sauteed Sweet Potato Leaves NT$100~ 
- Sesame Oil Noodles NT$80~ 
- Sesame Oil Veggies NT$120~ 

ZhuJi (inside The Mall) 
I told my parents I wanted some hand cut noodles so they took me here. Not bad. Got what I wanted. :) 
- Cold Dishes 
- Pan Fried Beef Bun NT$40~ each 
- Green Onion Pancake NT$45~ 
- Zha Jian Mian (Noodles with Bean Sauce) NT$90~ 
- Beef Noodle Soup (clear broth) NT$120~ 
- Beef Rolls NT$110~ 
- Sour and Spicy Soup NT$45~ 

I want some noodles right now!!!! :'( 
I miss Taiwan...


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