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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taipei 2013: Part V - Restaurants

 This is my final post for Taiwan. Get ready for a butt load of pictures!!! (I really shouldn't be writing this right before lunch.. me so hungry!): 

Yi Yuan Dim Sum - at The Sherwood Hotel
My dad's friends treated us to this fancy dim sum lunch. We ordered the dishes from a menu and they served it to us course by course. Not the typical dim sum carts that comes around. Apparently The Sherwood Hotel is a really nice and famous hotel in Taipei... The food wasn't spectacular but were very delicate and pretty. The service really is fantastic. 

- Lettuce with Meat Sauce
- Seafood Pancake 
- Congee Station 
- Steamed Minced Pork Dumplings with Abalone 
- Steamed Pork Dumplings with Truffle 
- Steamed Fish Rice Rolls 
- Steamed Shrimp Dumplings 
- Steamed Pea Shoots Dumplings 
- Steamed Chinese Chive with Shrimp Dumplings
- Pan Fried Cantonese Turnip Cakes
- Golden Fried Butter Cream Buns 
- Honey Ham with Bread 
- Steamed Taro Cakes 
- Steamed Bean Curd with Scallops 
- Deep Fried Bean Curd Rolls with Shrimp 
- Stir-Fried Cantonese Turnip Cakes with X.O.Sauce 
- Clams with Black Bean Sauce 
- Baked Cabbage with Cream 
- Soup with Dried Scallops Dumpling 
- Assorted Desserts (Blueberry Panna Cotta, Egg Tart, Pineapple Cake) 

Su Hung Restaurant (and Afternoon Tea)
We had lunch here then moved to their downstairs room for afternoon tea immediately after! haha. My dad likes to eat just as much as I do! :P 
- Snow Pea Leaves NT$180~ 
- Lettuce Wraps NT$330~ Soooo good! 
- Veggie & Shrimp Dumplings NT$140~ 
- Xiao Long Bao NT$90~
- Dong Puo (Stewed Fatty Pork) NT$360~ 
- with Steamed Buns NT$20~ per piece (x5) Melty fatty pork... Mmmmmmm... droool....
- Veggie Dumplings NT$90~ 
- Red Bean and Sesame Mochi Cakes NT$90~ 
Afternoon Tea (all items half price)
- Green Onion Pancake NT$45~ 
- Mustard Greens and Pork Noodle Soup NT$160~ 
- Honey Pancake NT$30~ 
- MaLa Cake NT$40~ 
- Red Bean Snowflake Cake NT$40~ The "snowflake" turned out to be coconut flakes. Bleh. 

Shin Yeh - Afternoon Tea 
NT$500~ per person 
My parents took me here for my early birthday celebration. It was one of the most epic meals ever!!! Amazing buffet. Lots of food choices including a sashimi bar, where they freshly slice sashimi to order!!! O.O LOVE! 

Crystal Spoon - Thai Food (inside Sogo - 10th Floor). 
Hanging out with my cousins. I didn't really eat because I just came from Shin Yeh afternoon tea. haha. But what little I had was ok. Not the greatest Thai food. 

Until next year... maybe... 


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