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Friday, April 12, 2013

Taipei 2013: Part II - Bakeries!!!!!

Bakeries in Asia are just amazing and Taiwan is definitely filled with them. Every place has decadent and delicious selections. I've noticed that they are getting more and more creative and the sizes are getting bigger! I guess that's why the new generations are all bigger and taller than us...

Prepare to drooooooool............  XD

There's one bakery my parents took me to this time around that I really wanted to showcase...
Hogan Bakery (XinYi location) 
First of all, they give samples!!!! Lots and lots of it!! You can almost try any kind of bread they have in there. So of course that equals a lot of foot traffic and business. Which then leads them to constantly put out fresh bread! The best cycle ever!!!! I visited this place 3 times during my week long trip. hahhaha.. I think it's the main source of my weight gain! XP

I wish carbs had no calories..... Sigh~


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