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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen

So my friends and I were gonna go check out the new Hopdoddy Burger Bar over in Preston Center on Preston and NW Hwy. It just opened like a week ago. But they don't take reservations and the line was out the door!!! No way we were waiting. So I suggested Blue Plate! We were so close and I haven't been in forever. :)

Blue Plate Kitchen
6130 Luther Lane
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 890-1103
Price: $$$

We didn't make a reservation but were able to be seated within 5 minutes. Our waitress was super nice and brought us waters and menus. They have their new fall menu, so a lot of things have changed. I haven't been there since the beginning of this year... How time flies.

So many new things to try! We started with their awesome Bread basket (corn bread, gingerbread?, biscuits; served with housemade jam and butter). It's served warm from the oven and always delicious. We scarfed it down... haha.

2 of my friends got Gramma Minnie's Vital Farms Fried Chicken (cream cheese-roasted garlic mash, maple gravy) $21~ From my recommendation. Their fried chicken is always amazing. And it sure didn't disappoint. My friends loved it. The chicken was super juicy and the batter was nice and crispy.

Another friend ordered the Maple Leaf Farms Duck Cassoulet $26~
It sounded interesting so he wanted to try something new. It was seared duck breast over a bed of (I wanna guess Swiss Chard?) and beans. So that's what a cassoulet is... haha. The duck was a bit undercooked and tough so he had to send it back. The 2nd place was much better, and the skin on the duck was crisper. But the duck meat was still quite tough and we both thought the beans were slightly too al dente. I didn't care for it. Good flavors... but wasn't executed properly. :(

Another friend and I decided to share. We went with a bunch of different things.
Soup of the Day: Pureed Sweet Potato Soup (sweet potato, a little cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, maple, brown sugar; with pomegranate and apple gastrique).
I've totally been craving sweet potato or pumpkin soup so when the waitress told us the soup of the day, I HAD to get it! They even split the order for us. (So the picture you see is only half portion.) The soup was AMAZING! Rich and creamy and sweet and savory. It could almost be a dessert with the sweetness, but then you get the savory undertones and rounds it out to be a soup. The gastrique on top added more complexity to the flavors. Delicious. I can probably drink a bucket of that... Needless to say, I scraped my bowl clean. And then sopped up any residual with the bread. hahaha.

The Blue Plate Fixins (sides) looked so good we just got a bunch to try:
Roasted Cauliflower $8~ Nicely roasted, great flavor. YUM!
Nueske's Bacon Brussel Sprouts $8~ Lots of bacon! The brussels sprouts were cooked well and had good texture. But I would've like it to be a bit more charred on the outsides.
Braised Short Rib "Stroganoff" Mac n' Cheese $9~ Really interesting. Super cheesy... where the cheese just stretches when you are spooning it out. The pasta is cooked perfectly al dente. There were short rib and mushrooms in there. Made for an interesting mac n cheese! Really good!

I realized after our soup, that Chef Jennifer, the Chef de Cuisine was serving our table! Whoa! That's pretty cool. I told her the soup was fantastic!! Felt kind of special to see the head chef out and about the dining area. And of course our waitress was great. Very sweet and accommodating. Another great time at Blue Plate. I feel like their price point has gone up though. A bit pricier than we anticipated for dinner since we were going to Hopdoddy, but all of us were satisfied. :)

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