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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hypnotic Donuts

Ahhhhh! I've waited so long to try Hypnotic Donuts.. I've been following them even before they opened up shop at Pizza Guy on Preston Rd. I finally got to go this past Saturday after my 5k (the Undy5000...hehe) at White Rock. It was just down the street from Hypnotic's permanent location.

Hypnotic Donuts
9007 Garland Rd.
Dallas, TX 75218
(214) 668-6999
Price: $

We arrived around 10AM and the line was already to the front door. But we were lucky because after we ordered the line was OUT the door! haha. It's a pretty small place too. A few tables, 2 small sofas in the corner, and a small countertop. We lucked out and got a table, but my friend and I had to share a chair. hehe.

I was super excited. There were 5 of us so we wanted to get a bunch of different things to try. We studied the menu very hard. haha. Everything sounded amazing. We KNEW we wanted to try the chicken biscuits because I've heard everyone rave about them and that they are HUGE! I also really wanted their seasonal pumpkin donut. :)

Maribeth's Chicken Biscuit (white peppered gravy & tator tots) $6~
Pretty hefty indeed! Probably the shape and weight of a brick. hahaha. The chicken was fried nicely, super juicy and the gravy was great. I wish there was more tator tots though. I only got 1 piece in my quarter of the share. haha. Everyone loved it.

Wavy Gravy Gone Crazy Biscuit (covered in peanut butter & white peppered gravy) $4~ Plus Fried Chicken +$3~
I can eat anything with pb on it so I challenged my friends to be a little daring and try with me. haha. Of course we added chicken! We opened it up and the pb was super ooey gooey. NOM! I loved the pb combo with the chicken. My friends were a bit put off by it. haha. But the overall combination, with the doughy biscuit and sticky pb, it kind of coats the inside of your mouth and takes a while to eat. haha. I don't think I can eat more than 1/3 of this without getting sick though. It's a bit much. Oh... and a tad less pb, and more gravy!

Jenny's Evil Elvis (peanut butter, bacon, banana, honey) $4~
LOVE the sweet and savory combo as you all know and this includes my two loves...pb and BACON! I liked it a lot. Could've done without the honey since it was already plenty sweet. The bacon with banana combo was nice. Donut was moist and dense. Yummy.

Smores (chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows, graham cracker) $3~
This was good but surprisingly not my favorite. I wish there was more chocolate sauce or ganache or something on it. The cake felt a little drier than the other donuts we got. But still tasty, don't get me wrong. Just didn't compare to the others.

Pumpkin (with cream cheese frosting) $2~
This was the main reason I was here. The cake was super moist, not too sweet. The thin layer of frosting on top was just enough. Not overwhelming. YAY! :)

The donuts were pretty dense, but wasn't as large as I had expected. But that's probably a good thing. hahaha. And oh yea, one guy out of our group decided not to eat. So this was all consumed by just 4 of us...mostly me hahaha... :P My body totally hated me after that tho.

Here are some other delicious pictures for your viewing pleasure (I tried to include descriptions for the ones I know):
(From Left to Right) Hypnotic (chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, topped with pb Cap'n Crunch and pretzel); Almond to the World (chocolate sprinkles, sliced almonds, coconut); Smores; Blueberry?
(From Top to Botton) Poppin Berries (strawberry frosting and crushed mixed berry Pop Tarts); Boo!Bee! (vanilla frosting and donut hole in the middle with strawberry frosting); Zoo Ropa (vanilla frosting, sprinkles, iced animal cookies) 

Definitely a tasty experience in Dallas. I don't think I know any other place in the city that does funky donuts like this. Go check them out! :)

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