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Monday, October 8, 2012

State Fair of Texas 2012

Yesterday I went with 7 other friends to the State Fair of Texas. The last time I went was 2010 and I remember we ate soooo much! I think we hit a new record this time. haha. And Happy 60th to Big Tex!! :)

Fair Park
1462 1st Avenue
Dallas, TX 75210

The weather wasn't too friendly. It was pretty cold and overcast. I had 3 layers on and I was still cold. I need to find some gloves that won't get dirty when I eat! haha. At least it wasn't rainy or windy.

All we do at the fair is eat by the way. We don't ride rides. We didn't pay extra for special exhibits. Just food and the car show (which was unimpressive...)

(**the numbers behind the foods are the # of tickets for each item. 1 ticket = 50 cents**)

The ones with a * means I'm trying it for the first time. And BLUE means it's one of my favorites during the visit.

1. *Fried Chicken Skin (topped with hot sauce) 12~ Quite a bit of food. Super crispy. Piled high. The hot sauce is a must. The tanginess of the hot sauce cuts some of the salt and grease from the chicken skins. Not bad.

2. *Fried Oreos 8~ Not my favorite. The cookies inside were still a bit crunchy which was cool. But it needed a sauce or whipped cream or something. A bit dry.

3. *Fried Snickers 8~ Really good! The chocolate was gooey and the peanuts were nutty. YUM!

4. Chicken Fried Bacon 12~ Better than I remembered from 2010. Not nearly as greasy. But still quite salty.

5. *Hans Kraut Balls 10~ Nicely fried. I'm not a fan of sauerkraut, but it wasn't too sour. Wasn't great but not gross either.

6. Bratwurst (with Sauerkraut on top) 11~ Didn't try this. Heard the brat had good flavor.

7. Roasted Corn (dipped in butter; with husk attached) 10~ This is a MUST HAVE for me. 2 years ago, I had 2 of these. The corn is roasted to perfection, dipped in butter, and you can put your own seasoning on it. I did lemon pepper, garlic pepper, Cayenne. Delicious! And NOT FRIED!!! The best one is in the Super Midway strip. There are 2 corn places close to each other. Go for the one where the husks are still attached and that's what you use to hold it. It's MUCH better!

8. *Deep Fried Jamabalaya (shrimp, cajun sausage and seasonings; topped with spicy ranch sauce; with fried onion ring) 8~ This won the 2012 Best Taste Award so we had to try it. It was like cajun rice in a ball, fried and topped with the spicy ranch sauce. Tiny little thing, but packed a ton of flavor. I can see why it won Best Taste. The spicy ranch totally elevated it even more.

9. Texas Fried Cookie Dough 12~ Disgusting. The batter was fried nicely, but the dough balls were too big. The inside was all gooey and uncooked. We struggled to finish this. If they made the dough balls smaller, it would've been much better.

10. Fried PB, Jelly and Banana Sandwich 12~ Another one of my favorites. I had it for the first time in 2010. Had to have it again. Although this time it wasn't as good. I think because we went to a different stand. Go to the one closer to the animal shows...that seems to be the better one.

11. *Deep Fried Mac-n-Cheese Slider (1) (fried mac- n-cheese, beef patty, in a bun; with side of waffle fries) 10~ This was a 2012 Finalist. Not worth the tickets. The bun was too big for the puny meat patty and mac-n-cheese. The meat patty was overcooked and dry. The crust on the mac-n-cheese was pretty awesome. But overall was bland. The fries on the side were soggy. SKIP and move on!!!

12. Fried Mexican Fire Cracker (spicy chicken, cheese, jalapeno wrapped in masa dough; fried; served with TNT sauce) 12~ Didn't try this. Friends all say it was really good. The TNT sauce was a spicy ranch sauce I believe.

13. Fried Fritos Pie (Texas born chili, sharp cheddar, encased in Fritos; lightly battered and fried) 12~ Never been a fan. The hot sauce helps it.

14. *Giant Western Sausage (topped with onions and bell peppers) 20~ This stand was impressive on it's own. Huge! Smokers everywhere. Everything was "Texas Sized". haha. Very expensive, but it was massive. Good flavor in the sausage. Plenty of toppings on top. My friend killed one on his own and continued to eat other stuff. My friends are BEASTS! haha.

15. "Texas Sized" Turkey Legs 20~ ENORMOUS! They were almost the sizes of our faces. Really juicy. One of my friends (who's a girl), ate the entire thing herself... and later got a funnel cake. haha. Can you see why we're friends? :P

16. *Donkey Tail with Chili (hotdog and cheese, wrapped in tortilla, deep fried, topped with chili, cheese sauce and jalapenos) 10~ I think this was my favorite new thing of the night. Fav savory item at least. The tortilla was super crispy. The chili was awesome...and I don't even usually like chili. So much flavors and different textures. I just wish there was more hotdog on the inside. We scraped every bit of chili from that plate!

17. *Fried Autumn Pumpkin Pie 10~ One of my favorite new sweet items. I love anything pumpkin. The crust was nice. Whipped cream was a good addition.

18. Fried S'mores 10~ Too much batter, not enough gooey chocolate inside. Still tasty though.

19. *Fried Lemonade (lemon flavored pastry made with Country Time lemonade; baked then fried; topped with glaze made of lemonade, powdered sugar and lemon zest) 10~ This was basically like really fluffy lemon cake donuts covered in a lemon glaze. Awesome! The cake was super moist and fluffy. Too much glaze though. Wayy too sweet.

20. King Sized Chocolate Fudge Cone 8~ Even though it was freezing. I still wanted ice cream. haha. Never too cold for ice cream in my opinion!

21. Funnel Cake 10~ I was too full by then... didn't eat much more after this.

22. Fried Potatoes. My friends say not as good as the Tornado Potatoes. It looked extremely greasy...

23. *Deep Fried Chicken & Waffle (boneless chicken breast dipped in waffle battered; fried and dusted with powdered sugar; served with warm syrup). Eh. The chicken was tender but lacked flavor. I would've preferred them layer chicken and an actual waffle THEN batter the entire thing and fry it. haha.

24. Caramel Apple Wedges (whole apple, sliced, topped with warm caramel sauce and nuts) 7~ I remember 2 years ago, we spent the entire visit looking for this. This year we did the same thing. We didn't find it until right before we left. You have to go to the stand across from the Trillway...anywhere else is not as good. And it's NOT a candied apple on a stick. It has to be sliced in wedges and this stand has the best caramel and nut topping. Cold apple with hot caramel and nutty peanuts. It's a great combination.

25. *Picnic on a Stick (spicy chicken, tater tots, pickle slices; battered, rolled in bread crumbs, and fried). Last hurrah before we left. By this time I was overstuffed. But since it's new I had to try it. Interesting... I'm not sure I like the pickles in there. But at this point any additional bites would've made me sick... haha. This is a bit much though.

Other foods I didn't take pictures of: 26. Pina Colada Shake, 27.Chocolate Milkshake, 28.Cajun Etouffee (not fried), 29.Frito Pie (not fried), 30. New York Dog with Sauerkraut 

It was a pretty epic visit. We actually had 30 DIFFERENT things!! Wow. I think we made our trip worth it. But things in the fair are soooo expensive. Good thing we got half price admission by bringing an empty Dr. Pepper can and going after 5PM. I can't do this ALL the time. haha. Seriously sluggish today. :P But we had a lot of fun!


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