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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jack's Southern Comfort Food

I heard about the opening of Jack's a few weeks ago and have been excited about it. I was all planning to go opening week but they ended up pushing back the opening day to October 5th. :( So I didn't get to go until earlier this week.

Jack's Southern Comfort Food
1905 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 821-0900
Price: $$

It's a cute little place. The decor is eclectic and homey. There's only about 10 tables or so...not a place for large parties. They have some ready made foods in display for take-outs and they also do catering. They also jar their jams for purchase.

We were there around 6:45PM on a Monday night... Only 1 other table there at the time. But the place filled up after we got there. We were given the menu.. which wasn't the same as what they posted on their website. The website menu had a lot more items than the one we got. There are also new items on our menu that wasn't on the website. I didn't like that... they need to keep things updated and consistent. It's frustrating when I go online and see something I want and then they don't have it on the menu. Just a personal pet peeve when restaurants in general don't update their websites properly. AND the prices on the menu was more than what's posted online. That's never a good surprise. :(

However, everything on the menu sounded yummy. And since we're there, might as well enjoy ourselves!

Started with the Deviled Eggs (6 pcs.) $4.95~ It was really good. The filling was nice and creamy. It was topped with some sort of relish? Added a nice tang to the rich egg yolks.

I got the BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato on a buttermilk biscuit with cajun remoulade) $12.95~
I mainly really wanted to try something with their biscuits, since that seemed to be something they really showcased. It was delicious. The biscuit wasn't what I expected. The look and texture is different than your typical biscuits. It was more bready and buttery. Different but good. I guess this holds up as a sandwich better than regular biscuits too. The fried green tomatoes was great. And I'm not sure if it was the tomatoes or the remoulade, but there was something tangy in the sandwich...almost like a pickle? I thought that complimented the bacon and biscuit really well. It was a pretty big plate...mostly because of the fries. haha. The fries were good, some were kind of overcooked, but I do like crispy fries. I enjoyed it.

My friend got the 2-Pc. Fried Chicken (mac & cheese, collard greens) $15.95~
Man... it seems like I've been having a lot of fried chicken and mac n cheese lately... haha. They are delicious, but so bad for my diet! :P They have some ready made fried chicken in the display cases. I've read a review saying they take those and refry it? I can definitely see that. The batter was super crispy... not in a bad way though. The chicken was still quite juicy inside. The flavors were nice. He really liked the mac & cheese...and wanted more of that. It was definitely different than regular mac & cheese, the way they topped the cheese and used penne. Not bad. I'd still go to Sissy's for fried chicken and mac & cheese though. hehe.

I was pretty full but of course we got dessert. Chocolate Bread Pudding (with banana puree, rum sauce) $5.95~
The bread pudding was pre-made and they just warm it up and top it with the rum sauce. The rum sauce is what sold it for me. But they didnt' put enough!! By the time it was served, the bread pudding had soaked up most of the sauce. I should've asked for extra sauce on the side! haha. The bread pudding had chunks of chocolate in it. It was pretty good. Would be nicer with some whipped cream or ice cream! *hint*hint* :P

So during the dinner, we saw the owner walking around the dining room refilling drinks and stuff. He would sit down and talk to some of the other tables. Never came to ours. :( What's up with that?! Like I said, the restaurant is pretty small, it's not hard to greet every table. We overheard him talking to other tables about their brunch, how they offer free mimosas (since they don't have a liquor license), etc... I felt left out. Booo...

The food was pretty good and service in general was fine. And it's a cute place. They have some kinks to work out and the prices are a tad high in my opinion. But there are still a few items on the menu I'd like to try before writing this place off. Maybe next time I'll go for brunch. They have Shrimp & Grits and a Bananas Foster French toast that sounds really good. Hopefully they actually have those items on the menu!

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