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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Crescent Club

Some of my friends and I had purchased a Travelzoo deal to dinner at the Crescent Club earlier this year. We decided to finally use it this past weekend.

I love the Crescent Hotel area, it's so freaking beautiful! The restaurant was on the 17th floor. And the elevator system was pretty cool, all computerized and stuff. But once you reach the restaurant, it's really old style decor. Old, traditional fancy...

The Crescent Club @ Rosewood Crescent Hotel
200 Crescent Ct #1700
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 953-4343
Price: $$$$

The host at the front was amazingly nice. He greeted everyone who came through with such warmth. And was very patient waiting for my friend to find and pull up his coupon on his phone (took forever btw.). While waiting he showed the rest of us to the bar to hang out and wait for the rest of the party. (We arrived 30 minutes too early...)

After the rest of our party arrived, we were immediately seated. I had requested a table by the windows when I made the reservation but I guess our party was too big (6 people) for the tables by the windows. It was a great view of the city.

So the Travelzoo deal was $79 for 2 people to dine. Each person gets 1 soup or salad, 1 appetizer, 1 entree and 1 dessert. So 4 courses for about $35 a person. Not counting tax and tip of course.

Our waiter was super nice. So was the assistant waiter. However, after we ordered, the guy who brought the bread was not. He came over with a tray of bread, it had white or wheat rolls on it. Didn't even ask which one we wanted and plopped one down on my plate. My friend said, "Can I get wheat?" and he didn't even acknowledge him. So he had to say it again. The guy finally said "yea, ok" but with attitude. It was quite rude! And the bread was eh...

Anyways... to the food.

Baby Wedge Salad (bacon, onions, tomato, blue cheese, deviled egg dressing) $10~ I ordered this. It was really fresh and the dressing was yummy. I'm glad I asked for it on the side though because my friend's salad had too much dressing on it.

Fresh Hearts of Palm (ruby red grapefruit, organic arugula, avocado vinaigrette) $11~

Baby Mixed Greens (cucumber, olives, cipollini, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette) $9~

Soup of the Day: Tomato Basil $7~ It was very tomato-y. haha. A little too tart for my preference.

Duck Fat-Roasted Day Boat Scallop (boudin empanada, piquillo gremolata) $12~
Most of us got this, including me. The scallops were cooked perfectly. I would've liked more sear on top though. But the flavors of the dish were great. I especially loved the boudin empanada. The crust was buttery and crispy and the inside had so much flavor.

Kobe Beef Meatballs (foie gras demi, caramelized onions, organic arugula) $12~
My other friends really liked this, but I thought the meatballs were a bit tough. The sauce was great though. Good to sop up with the bread.

Mustard Roasted Veal Chop (braised Swiss chard, porcini jus) $35~
One of my friends ordered this. She's had so-so experiences in the past with veal and wanted to give it another try. OMG... best piece of meat she's ever had. And I'd have to agree. The meat was fatty and juicy and cooked perfectly. And SUPER tender. The mustard on top made it a tad salty but it was still amazing. Best entree of the night.

Chilean Sea Bass (heirloom tomato escabeche, saffron risotto) $28~
I ordered this. Originally it said Asian Sea Bass on the menu, but the waiter told me they also have Chilean Sea Bass. Oooo! I was initially going to get the pork chops but he recommended the fish over that. He didn't steer me wrong! The sear on the fish was fantastic and it was cooked perfectly. Really tender. I loved the sides as well. A close second to the veal.

Harris Ranch Beef Tenderloin (foie gras demi, duck fat yukon potatoes) $38~
Kind of a standard dish... meat and potatoes. The tenderloin was cooked well and tender. But after eating the veal it was no comparison. haha. The potatoes were slightly too salty.

Colorado Rack of Lamb (sweet potato gnocchi, pea tendrils, mint demi) $37~
I don't like lamb so I didn't try it. I did try the sweet potato gnocchi though. It was good, not great. I wish they would've crisped the outside of the gnocchi or something to add some texture.

Wow... I am so full. But we still got dessert!

Chocolate Three Ways (truffles, candies, chocolate chunk cookies) $10~ This was ok... I don't care to have candies as dessert. And the cookies should've been served warm.

Key Lime Pie (tart key lime, triple nut crust, berry coulis) $8~ I'm not a lime person but I really liked this, particularly the crust part. And it's so cool to be served in this shape.. quite creative.

Banana Bread Pudding (studded with white chocolate, ginger creme anglaise) $8~ Pretty good and moist. You can taste the ginger in the creme anglaise which was nice. I rarely complain about bread pudding. hahaha.

Godiva Chocolate Mousse Cake (chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, ganache; with triple orange sorbet) $8~ This was my order. And easily the best one of the bunch. Just the right amount of cake vs mousse. It was rich and creamy and luxurious. The orange sorbet on the side was a perfect compliment. The light and refreshing orange really balanced the rich chocolate.

I thought it was a great meal. Everything I ordered was good. I'd like to have that veal and chocolate cake again. haha. So with tax and tip it came out to be about $60 a person total. A little higher than I expected... I guess I never actually sat down and did the math though. But oh well. It was still a good deal. I don't think I'll be buying one of these deals in the near future. I can't eat like this all the time! haha. It's so deadly to my diet! :P

Quality of Food:

Service: 3.5


Value (with TZ deal):

Overall Experience:


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