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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Max's Wine Dive - Brunch & Dinner!

So this is my 2nd AND 3rd visit to Max's Wine Dive in the past 2 weeks. haha. It is seriously becoming on of my favorite places in uptown.

Last time we were there, we had an appetizer and some dessert. All fabulous. And we really wanted to go back for their brunch.

Max's Wine Dive
3600 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 559-3483
Price: $$-$$$

Before we went to see Paula Deen's Cooking Demo at the Metro Cooking Show at the Dallas Convention Center on Sunday, we stopped by Max's for breakfast! The weather was super nice and we sat outside. As always the host/hostess were super nice.

Straight to the food... soo many things to choose from. There were only 2 of us so we got some stuff to share.

- The "RVP" (three decadent red velvet pancakes topped with a dollop of lemon cream cheese frosting) $11~
Smaller than some other specialty pancakes I've had in other places but very good. The pancakes were this deep red color and super moist. The pancake itself had great texture and wasn't too sweet. The lemon cream cheese on top added the sweetness. The lemon gave it a more complex flavor, made it more interesting. Loved it. I would recommend it.

- Creme Brulee French Toast (thick slices of Texas toast soaked in decadent creme brulee batter topped with fresh strawberries and maple syrup) Kids size $6~
We really wanted to try this so we got the kids size cuz it's smaller. The bread was thick and fluffy and it was good. But didn't get any of the 'creme brulee' part of it. Just seemed like a normal french toast.

- Pan Barracho ("Drunk Bread") & Poached Egg (torn sourdough baguette, prosciutto and fresh thyme soaked in a savory white wine custard baked with Gruyere, provolone and Parmigiano-Reggiano, topped with a soft-poached egg) $12~
This was our favorite dish. It looked amazing when it was served. The baked bread was hot and cheesy and sooo sinfully good. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly. I particularly loved the crispy baked cheese along the edges. This is a must try if you like anything cheesy, baked, or any kind of savory bread pudding. I'm so going back for this... And this is on their daily menu, not just for brunch. :)

Fantastic breakfast to start the day. We were super stuffed. And now we're going to a food convention to eat more! haha.

Since we are in the area the whole day we decided to go back for dinner. hahaha. We were craving some of the brussels sprouts!

- Chicken Fried Brussels Sprouts (served with lemon confit and port-glazed onions all tossed in a ham vinegar) $8~
The brussels sprouts were much smaller this time around. I mean the individual pieces. But it's still super good. I really love the chicken fried batter on it.

- MAX's Famous Southern Fried Chicken (jalapeno-buttermilk marinated, deep fried slow and low, served with mashed potatoes, collard greens and Texas toast) $15~
The fried chicken is fried to order. We decided to try their fried chicken since they promote it so much. It was ok. The chicken was tender and had good flavor, but I would've liked the skin to be crisper. I thought it would be crispy like the chicken fried brussels sprouts... but it wasn't. Maybe it needed a few more seconds in the fryer? It came with mashed potatoes and collard greens. Both pretty generic. The collard greens were definitely undercooked. They were a bit tough. Wasn't impressed. :(

Well, overall I still love the food and ambiance there. Next time I think I want to try their Shrimp and Grits! And definitely get the brussels sprouts and Devil's Food Brownie again. hahahaha. I'll be back!!

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  1. Did I read that correctly? Creme Brulee French Toast?

  2. Fo Sho! But it didn't taste anything like creme brulee. Just a regular french toast. :( Get the RVP instead!