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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Triniti @ Tower Club Dallas

This past Saturday I went to dinner downtown with 3 of my friends. One of my friends had bought a deal on Travelzoo for dinner at the Tower Club. I've never heard of the place but the deal sounded good so I agreed to join. It was a bit confusing to locate since it was in a high rise office building. It's in the Thanksgiving Tower. I've never heard of that building either. haha.

Triniti - Tower Club
1601 Elm Street #4800
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 220-0403 
Price: $$$

The restaurant's name is Triniti, located on the 48th floor of the Thanksgiving Tower. We were looking for valet but there is none. You can park in their parking garage.

The restaurant was really nice. Business casual to dressy attire. There were floor to ceiling windows to get a great view of the city. It was nice because we got to see the sunset.

The Travelzoo deal was for 4 people to dine for $110. We get 4 Appetizers, 4 Entrees, 2 Desserts, and 4 Glasses of Wine. (This does not include tax or gratuity.)

I don't drink wine but it's included so I had to order something. The only wine I drink is moscato because it's sweet. The sweetest thing they had was Saint M (Riesling) $8~ So that was my choice. Still not sweet enough. Bleh... I gave it to my friend. haha. Btw... don't ever listen to my taste for alcohol. hahaha. It's very limited and I'm usually not a fan.

We also got some assorted breads to start.

- Sauteed Shrimp & Mussels (tomatoes, olives, garlic, arugula, chorizo, baguette) $14~
This was my choice. Easily the best choice at the table. The broth was super flavorful. The shrimp was plump and cooked well. I loved the addition of chorizo and arugula, it added different textures and flavors.

- Veal & Pancetta Meatballs (creamy peppercorn demi, tomato confit) $12~
2 of my friends ordered this because it sounded so good. It was a fairly big portion for appetizer I thought. But it looked better than it tasted. The flavors were good, but the meatballs were a bit overcooked and tough. The tomato confit was good on some bread though.

- Crawfish & Crab Cakes (celeraic remoulade, lime creme fraiche) $12~
We laughed because it came on a teeny little plate as opposed to the other dishes. haha. But it was very good. The cakes had lots of crab and crawfish flavors and were moist. I'm not sure if it was the same thing as the description on the menu since there wasn't much of a sauce. But the corn garnish was yummy!

- Pan Seared Sea Scallops (mushrooms, peas, couscous, shellfish nage, celery leaf salad) $30~
This was mine. Again, easily the best dish at the table. I really lucked out! hehe. I would say this is one of the best scallop dishes I've ever had. The scallops could've been seared more but I didn't care. They were like butterrrr! OMG. Soooo tender and juicy and just melts in your mouth. Plus the creamy couscous just made it even more buttery. It wasn't a large dish, but the creaminess definitely filled me up. I would totally eat this again.

- Pan Seared Halibut (green tea bonito broth, shiitake mushrooms, fingerling potatoes) $26~
This is normally Striped Bass on the menu, but they were out so they replaced it with Halibut. The green tea bonito sounded really interesting. It was a nice, thick cut fish. Unfortunately the entire dish just wasn't good. The fish was overcooked, dry and bland. The sauce just seemed like some sort of soy sauce...didn't get any of the green tea-ness. There wasn't any positives about it.

- Grilled New York Strip (roasted chipollini onion, sauteed leeks, crispy shallots, grilled asparagus, whole grain pilaf, tarragon bordelaise) $27~
This was also really good. The meat was cooked well and full of flavor. The sauce, onions and crispy shallots all worked together. It was a decent size too.

- Chocolate Banana Upsidedown Cake (dulce de leche ice cream, caramel sauce) $10~
This just sounded amazing. Bananas, chocolate, ice cream... what can go wrong? It was yummy. The chocolate cake had hints of banana and was moist and rich but yet still light. The ice cream was great. And I liked the addition of the fried banana on top to add a crunch.

- Frozen White Chocolate & Grand Marnier Souffle (strawberry consomme) $10~
This was interesting. The waiter told me that it's a frozen souffle so I shouldn't expect it to be like a normal souffle. We got it because it was something different. Very pretty. But so small. haha. It was delicious. It was almost like a frozen mousse. Light and creamy, it was a nice contrast to the chocolate cake.

It was a delicious dinner. For me anyways. haha. I lucked out with all the right choices. But overall we all had a good time. The setting was really nice and the view was great. The was basically non-existent. The waiter was nice but we only saw him when each dish was served basically. No one really came to check on us throughout the meal. I mean, we didn't need anyone during the meal so it was fine. But a little more attention would've been preferred.

The gratuity was automatically added (to the full amount of the bill) so it came out to be about $40 per person. So we probably saved about $12 a person minimum. Not bad.. I could've done without the wine and saved that money though. hahaha.

It's a nice place to linger. We moved to the lounge/bar area for a little bit and enjoyed the night view. So pretty~

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