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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Max's Wine Dive

After dinner downtown, we went to go check out this new place in West Village. It just opened last week!

Max's Wine Dive
3600 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 559-3483
Price: $$-$$$

It's located where the old Borders used to be. At 9:45PM on a Saturday night, the place was hoppin'. It was packed and very energetic. I liked the decor a lot, kinda urban, with walls of wine bottles. The host was really nice and immediately tried to find a table for us. We didn't wait long despite the crowd. It was a bit loud, but that's pretty typical for these types of places.

Our waitress, Stephanie, was awesome. She was super nice and accommodating. She also let us try a bunch of samples of wine to find something we liked. Unfortunately they were out of moscato so I didn't want anything. Still, she tried to suggest something and brought me a sample ofit. How nice! I ended up not liking it still though. haha.

Even though we just had dinner... of course we ordered food. haha. That's why we are all friends! We love foooood! :P

Chicken Fried Brussels Sprouts (served with lemon confit and port glazed onions all tossed in ham vinegar) $8~
HAD to try these. Love brussels sprouts. AND they are chicken fried. EPIC. Everyone loved it! We just wished there was more! I really liked the port glazed onions with the brussels sprouts. The onions had a slight sweetness that contrasted the saltiness of the brussels sprouts. And the lemony dipping sauce, everyone liked it. It was quite sour but contrasted the fried veggies really well. Brought some brightness to the dish. We almost ordered a 2nd one. haha.

We decided to get dessert instead. Half & Half (half of our brownie with half of our bread pudding) $10~
We got the half and half so we can try 2 different desserts. Both good but the brownie was amazing. It was crispy on the outside and gooey and rich on the inside. They had perfected that crispy brownie shell thing. NOMS.

It was sooo good that my friend ordered a second Devil's Food Brownie (topped with vanilla malt ice cream and smoked chocolate caramel) $10~ just by itself. The portion size was pretty good! YUM YUM YUMMM!!! The ganache on top is heavenly!
If ordered on it's own... Cinnamon Toast Bread Pudding (served with apple ice cream and candied pecans) $8~ It was good but couldn't compete against the brownie. haha.

So the food is amazing. And everything else on the menu sounded delicious as well. Great service. And guess what?? They serve brunch 3 times a week.. Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! And... they have red velvet pancakes!!! I am SOOO there!! Actually planning on going this Sunday. :D

I think if the service and food is consistent, this will definitely become a go-to place when I'm in the area.

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