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Monday, September 24, 2012

Liberty Burger - Keller Springs

Had a Girl's Night this past Friday with some of my friends. We decided to go check out the new Liberty Burger on Keller Springs. Their first location is on Forest Ln. and they recently opened this one. I've been interested in trying it and have heard good reviews about it.

It is family owned and local to Dallas. They use quality ingredients from fresh produce to locally baked breads to meats from responsible sources.

Liberty Burger - Keller Springs
5181 Keller Springs Road
Dallas, Texas 75248
(214) 954-7223
Price: $-$$

It's kind of funny that a group of girls are going to have burgers for girls' night. :P But that's cuz we're awesome. hehe.

We had imagined it would be an order-at- the-counter type place but it's not. They have waiters that come to take orders like a normal sit down restaurant. The decor wasn't anything spectacular. I actually found it a bit dark for a burger joint. But I was excited about the food. Everything sounded good. Even though I already looked at the menu online multiple times, it still took me a while to finally pick something.

I ended up with The Napa (Gorgonzola cheese, wild arugula, oven-roasted tomatoes, green olives, onion, basil garlic aioli) $8~ And I substitute for bison meat +$4~ 

It was a damn pricey burger!! But it was really good. The bison was super juicy (which normally can be dry) and had lots of flavor. The arugula and tomatoes on top were fantastic. But the thing that made it great was the gorgonzola. Added so much flavor to the whole thing. Yummy. But wayyy too expensive (since none of the burgers even come with sides...) I'd probably get this again but minus the bison.

My friend got The Libertine (turkey, arugula, avocado, tomato, onion, marinated cucumbers, liberty mustard. All white, all natural ground turkey served on a cracked wheat bun.) $7.50~
This was my 2nd choice so I had to try it. The turkey patty was very juicy and tender. I liked that a lot. I also liked tha avocado in the burger. It was good, but after tasting mine, the turkey burger seemed more bland.

Since sides were not included we got Sweet Potato Fries (dusted with brown sugar) $3~ Fried really nicely and sweeter from the brown sugar. YUM!

For dessert a friend and I shared the Nutella & Graham Cracker Milkshake $5~
I asked them to split it into 2 cups for us that's why it looks pretty small. The shake was really good. I wish they had sprinkled graham cracker crust throughout the shake. But overall the flavor was delicious. I would totally get their shakes again. And the price was reasonable!

They also have adult milkshakes which are alcoholic. 2 friends got the Orange Julius? Apparently it's not on the online menu and I'm not sure how much they are. But it tasted like a spiked orange creamsicle. Tasty goodness!

So all the food was good. It's slightly pricier than some other gourmet burger places. Village Burger Bar is still one of my favorites. But I'd go back to Liberty and try some other stuff.

Our waiter was nice, but seemed inexperienced and it was kind of slow. Also they informed us that the milkshake machine had been unplugged so we had to wait longer to see if they can start it up and make it again? Weird... if you have it on the menu, wouldn't it be ready to go at 8pm at night? Plus they ran out of their pies, and we were disappointed. Guess I'll have to try that next time.

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  1. I already visited them and I had the most gastronomic experience. I can't believe that a place like that existed in that little town. Everything was super delicious, we were having a hard time choosing from the menu.