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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Addison Food Truck Festival

This past Saturday was the Addison Food Truck Festival at Vitruvian Park. I didn't even know this part of Addison existed! It was a pretty cool area with some niiiice apartments.

Vitruvian Park
3875 Ponte Ave
Addison, TX 75001

I thought I'd give this festival a try since The Belgian Waffle truck from Austin was back in Dallas for the week. They ran out before I got to try it at the TX Food Truck Festival a few weeks back so this was my chance again.

The festival was from 3-10PM. Considering everything was sold out by the time I got to the last festival around 7:30PM, this time I was determined to go earlier. I met up with a few friends there around 4:45PM. I was happy to see that there were no lines at all! But I quickly learned that it's because it was freakishly hot... Oh well, better make the most of it!

We walked down the street to see all the trucks first. There were about 12-14 trucks during the course of the festival. Most of them I've seen before but not tried.

We stopped first at The Butcher's Son. I've seen their menu online and it all looked delicious but my friends have had some bad experiences with them. I was a little weary but the menu just looked so amazing.

Especially The Dead Elvis Slider (nutella, peanut butter and bacon on a Brioche slider roll) $2.89~ We HAD to get it...this is something you don't pass up. It was amazing. I'm still dreaming about it. So simple but so delicious. The gooey, melty, creamy peanut butter and nutell with the salty and crispy bacon inside the soft buttery brioche. Everything worked together and there was just enough elements of everything. If you don't like sweet+savory, just go ahead and skip this. But if you love it, this is for you! I would eat this over and over again. I thought their pricing was a bit odd though. Why not just round up to $3 or at least $2.90?

We also got the Southern Hospitality Slider (buttermilk fried chicken tenderloin, garlic potato spread and white country gravy on a Brioche slider roll) $2.89~
This didn't compare to the Dead Elvis but was still yummy. The chicken was fried well and really juicy. There was just the right amount of mashed potato and gravy. And I always love brioche! I think it would be awesome if they made a jalapeno gravy or had the option of adding some sliced jalapenos or something.

I think they have better sliders than Easy Slider truck. The elements and flavors were better.


I tell everyone about the Coolhaus truck. I'm always interested in seeing what crazy new flavors they have. And it was great that there were no lines because we got to sample a bunch of the different flavors.

I ended up sharing the Hot Cake Cookies (fluffy pancake with real maple bits) with cherry cheesecake ice cream $5.50~
The cookie was fantastic. We all agreed. I especially liked the crunchy maple (toffee-like) bits in the cookie. The ice cream was nice with slight tartness from the cherry. Although I ate a piece of the cherry itself and it was a little too sour for me. I can't handle sour stuff...

My other friend got Hot Cake Cookies (fluffy pancake with real maple bits) with coffee Oreo heckman ice cream $5.50~
I loved the coffee flavor with the hot cake cookie. I didn't care for the oreo bits. For one they were too big and kinda made it too sweet. Plain coffee ice cream would've been perfect.


Nammi (Vietnamese Food Truck) 
My friend wanted the Grilled Pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich on 12" baguette with garlic mayonnaise, cucumbers, pickled daikons & carrots, jalapenos, cilantro) $7~
I still think Nammi has the best bang for your buck when it comes to their portions. And I like their bread a lot. But I feel like the texture of their pork is a bit off...too soft almost?

Later, another friend got the Tofu Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich on 12" baguette with garlic mayonnaise, cucumbers, pickled daikons & carrots, jalapenos, cilantro) $7~
I just tried a piece of the tofu. I actually really liked it. I thought it was better than the pork. I tasted a bit of lemongrass I think. He said it was a bit too salty though after eating the whole thing.


I've heard great things about Ruthie's Rolling Cafe so I've wanted to try them for a while.  

We got a Build Your Own Grilled Cheese (Hippie Health bread, pepper jack cheese, chicken, caramelized onions) $8+~
OMG!! So expensive for a grilled cheese! I had really high hopes for it. But once we got it, I knew I was going to be disappointed. It was NOT worth the price at all. It was so flat! And they used deli chicken... At least use a better cut of meat or something. And for a grilled cheese, it wasn't very cheesy. I expect grilled cheese to have melty cheese gooey and oozing out the sides. This one barely had cheese in there...
And the flavors were quite one dimensional. I ended up going to the Nammi truck and put some sriracha on it. Made ALL the difference in the world!! I think I would've paid MAX $3 for this. At least now I know... :(


Finally, I was able to get my waffle from The Belgian Waffle Truck! Initially I was going to get the Cinnamon waffle but I asked about their Chocolate Waffle thinking that it was a chocolate batter. The guy was really nice and explained that they do the chocolate waffle in 2 ways. One is traditionally Belgium with the chocolate injected into the waffle. Another option is a regular waffle with nutella on top. The traditional one sounded a lot more interesting so I changed my order to that.

Chocolate Waffle de Liege (with whipped cream) $6~
This is pretty pricey for just a piece of waffle. And I noticed that they use canned whipped cream... For the price I would think it would be fresh. The service was good but the wait for the waffle was wayyy too long. I think we waited about 10-15 minutes for our order considering there wasn't a line in front of the truck. All the people in front were waiting. Finally I got my waffle. It smelled great. And was hot straight off the griddle. But then I cut into it... The outside was overcooked and slightly rubbery while the inside wasn't cooked through. I wonder if they tried to speed up the cooking process by upping the heat but then it just ended up cooking the outside too much and not enough on the inside. Blah! The chocolate sauce was nice but it was such a disappointment. :( Next time I want a great waffle dessert, I'll just go back to Sweet Mix! (If you haven't had their waffle sandwiches, you must go!) Plus you get more there for the money.


By about 7-7:30PM or so, the crowd started picking up and it was cooling off. It was a cool area because people living in the apartments were coming over with their coolers and blankets and stuff. I think in the future the organizing party needs to put up more shaded seating areas. It was really a beating to be out in the sun from 5-7pm... But I'd say it was a much better festival experience than the one at Valley View Mall a few weeks ago. I doubt I'll be going to much more now that we're entering summer though. haha. Until the fall...

Overall Festival:



  1. The cheezeburger tacos from tin star taco is the reason i go to these festivals. Best thing i have had ever at a food truck festival. Totally check them out!

  2. Hmmm...interesting! I never even go near the Tin Star truck since I know they have store fronts all over town. Do they offer specialty items on the trucks? If so, I'll definitely give them a try next time! :)

  3. We need food trucks at the polo club on Saturdays during polo season!!!
    We're BYOB/Picnic but many don't want to pack, would love to have food on site to purchase!