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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Townhouse @ Galleria

On Friday I went to Townhouse at the Galleria with some friends. I had purchased a Living Social coupon a while back and it's time to cash it in!

Townhouse Kitchen + Bar
13270 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75240
(972) 300-0986
Price: $$-$$$

I've met friends there before but didn't actually eat there. I like the decor of the place but it's so big... I wonder if they ever fill all the tables. I've heard that it's usually pretty dead. :(

We had a party of 9 and I didn't make a reservation given the reviews that they are not that busy. The hostess was really nice and told us to wait a few minutes while they put the tables together.

We got there around 6:30PM to catch the tail end of their happy hour which ends at 7PM. Happy Hour is Mon-Fri 3-7PM. We started off with some happy hour appetizer specials. (I've included the original price and happy hour prices.)

Deviled Eggs $5~ ($3)
The eggs were topped with Sriracha which was a great move for anything. I really liked it. It was creamy and spicy. But also a tad too salty... For $3, I thought it was a great deal!

BBQ Duck Quesadilla (with blueberry-lime salsa) $12~ ($6)
This was one item I really wanted to try but was disappointing. The flavors weren't that great and the texture of the duck wasn't that appetizing either. The salsa was good though, it really helped the quesadilla. My friend actually said it reminded him of something from Taco Bell. Yikes. Definitely not worth the full price if you don't go at happy hour.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus $8~ ($5)
I quite liked the hummus on the sliced cucumber. The cucumber was crisp and refreshing and the hummus had good flavor. The pita chips seemed a bit stale though.

Crispy Calamari $9~ ($5) Pretty standard calamari. The flavor was good and the batter was crispy.

For the entrees, there were so many items I wanted, but after the appetizers I was already getting full. haha. I ended up splitting the BLT Wedge Salad (with blue cheese dressing) $8~ with a friend.
This way I can still sample everything else and not totally stuff myself! haha! They were really cool and split the salad for us. (So the picture you see is only half the salad.) The salad was fresh, lettuce was crisp. There was just a bit more dressing than I preferred but overall just what I wanted as a lighter dinner.

My bf got the Pecan Pork Chops (bourbon glaze; with side of broccolini and jalapeno bacon hash browns) $21~
Originally it came with 2 other side dishes but they let him substitute. YAY! So I got to try the 2 sides I really wanted to taste. The pork chop was just a tad overcooked and so was a little dry. But with the sauce I thought it was still good. The bourbon pecan glaze was quite sweet but I love savory and sweet together. If you don't like that combo as much, then this dish is not for you. The broccolini was cooked well and I really liked the hash. A few bites with jalapeno actually had a spicy kick. I couldn't really see the bacon in there, but I definitely got the flavor. The saltiness of the hash worked well with the sweet glaze.

A few friends got the Townhouse Burger (gouda, arugula, bacon jam; with side of hand-cut fries) $13~
The bacon jam sounded interesting...and it's exactly what it was. You get bits of bacon and it's slightly sweet. I thought the burger was pretty good. I especially liked the bun...buttery...Mmmmm!

Asian Turkey Burger (pho spices, sriracha aioli; with side of hand-cut fries) $12~
We were all interested in this burger. Pho spices? I've never seen anyone use that in a burger before and can't go wrong with sriracha aioli! hehe. It was decent. The bun was more of a wheat/grain bread and it got soggy pretty quick, I wasn't a fan. The burger flavor was good but none of us could really tell the "pho" flavor. My favorite part was actually the slaw that was on top of the patty. It was crisp and refreshing and added a nice contrast of texture.

I've read many reviews where people complained about their service. I guess we got lucky then! The hostess was really nice and our waiter was great. He checked on us a lot and answered all our questions. My friend had ordered a cocktail which they served in a chilled flute and half way through the meal, our waiter brought a new chilled glass and poured the rest of her cocktail into it. That was a nice touch. :) The only thing that threw me was that he brought the check without asking us if we wanted coffee or desserts or anything. Luckily we weren't planning on ordering those anyways so it didn't bother me as much. We lingered around and chatted for a long time after that. They didn't try to get rid of us or anything so I appreciated that. And during the course of dinner, business was actually not bad. I'd say at one point 75% of the place was filled.

I would go back. There are some more items on the menu I'd like to try. Hopefully they stick around for a while.

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