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Monday, June 18, 2012

LA Burger

It's been too long since I was at LA Burger... So I decided I needed to get a good burger and meet up with some friends before I leave for my Japan/Boston trip on Saturday! I got a big group together (as always) and hit up LA Burger on Friday night.

LA Burger
10045 N MacArthur Blvd.Ste 113
Irving, TX 75063
(972) 501-9188
Price: $

We had a group of about 15 people, but we were not the only large group there. The place was packed!! Another large party was there for a birthday I think, but other people kept on walking in throughout the night. I'm so happy to see their business doing so well. And as always, it's BYOB!

I noticed a couple new things on the menu since the last time I was there. Which isn't saying much since it's been over 8 months since my last visit. haha. Time sure flies! But they added sweet potato fries and onion rings under the sides. In the burger section, they added a few new choices as well including a turkey burger.

You know me... always trying to change it up. So I ordered a LA Burger with the turkey patty instead of regular beef. LA Burger (sauteed Korean spicy cabbage, cheese, fried egg, jalapenos) $6.95~

I really liked the turkey patty. First of all, it was huge! And had so much flavor. It was almost like a turkey sausage patty. As always, I love the sauteed kimchi on top and the egg that is just cooked perfectly with the yolk oozing out. I'm not sure if they changed the bread but seemed like this time it got soggy faster... not good. Still one of my favorite burgers in Dallas though.

My bf ordered one of their newer burgers. Something Cali? It had lettuce, tomato, onions, fried egg on top of an Angus patty. He loved it. It was just a bit messy. hehe.

And since I love sweet potato fries, I asked if they could do the K-Fries with them instead of regular fries. $5.95~
Of course! They are very accommodating. It was fantastic! I loved the slight hints of sweetness from the sweet potatoes with the salty and spicy sauteed kimchi. I might have to try the "K-Onion Rings" next time. haha.

My friends brought other friends that have never been there. They all loved it. Especially raved about the K-Fries.

Another fun and delicious time at LA Burger. If you haven't gone yet, where have you been? And when you go, tell them CHOMP! sent ya! :)

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**FYI..I'm writing this as I'm sitting in the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka. My first time in Japan! Stay tuned for Japan-food-awesomeness in the next few weeks!! **

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