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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brunch @ Marquee Grill

Last Sunday I met up with a group of friends I haven't seen in forever!! We were finally able to get everyone together for brunch. I suggested Marquee Grill in Highland Park because I've been dying to go there! Ever since it opened with Chef Tre Wilcox (from Top Chef) as the executive chef, it's been at the top of my list.

Marquee Grill
33 Highland Park Vlg.
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 522-6035
Price (for brunch): $$
I was able to make a reservation for our party of 11 plus 2 babies really easily, the girl that took my call was super nice.

My bf and I were the last 2 to arrive. I saw Chef Tre talking to someone on the side right as we walked in. Yay! I was hoping he would be there!

We were seated in a long table by the window. It was nice and bright, perfect for brunch. The restaurant is nice. I liked the decor which was slightly Art Deco with a hint of modern. I didn't see the upstairs though. I heard the bar upstairs was nice too.

The waiter took our drink orders and we looked over the menu. I was a little disappointed because some of the items on the online menu were no longer available. :( They need to do some updating on their website!

After making our orders we got some complimentary bread. Mini basil corn muffins, cheese and sesame flatbread crisps. I really liked the muffins especially the addition of basil inside. It added an extra freshness to the buttery bread.

I already knew what I wanted going into the brunch. I've heard lots of good things about this dish and it's got everything I love. "Bacon" & Waffles (house cured pork belly, buttermilk waffles, huckleberry maple syrup) $12~
I can't pass up anything with pork belly in it. It's probably one of my most favorite cuts of meat. The plate looked a little plain but everything also looked delicious. The pork belly had a nice sheen from the caramelization of the sauce. I liked the slight crispiness on the outside of the pork belly a lot, and it was tender on the inside. It had just the right amount of fat in the middle so I didn't feel like I was eating just chunks of fat. The waffles had good texture and wasn't too sweet. It held up to the pork well. The huckleberry syrup was also good. It wasn't too sweet on the waffles. I was wishing for some freshness though. If it came with some greens or fresh fruit on the side it would've made it better. It was yummy but I think I still prefer the chicken and waffles combination. hehe.

My bf wanted the tuna which was no longer offered on the menu so he opted for the Marquee Grill Beeman Burger (bourbon ancho sauce, cipollini onions, cheddar, bacon, cajun parmesan fries) $15~
The burger here is also highly rated so being the burger buff he is, my bf decided to get it. The burger looked good. The ingredients were fresh. The meat was flavorful and juicy but there wasn't anything special about it. My favorite part (other than the awesome fries) was actually the bread. It was a good burger but we both agreed it's not the best we've had by a long shot...not for the price anyways.

Some other dishes my friends ordered included: Steak & Eggs (grilled flat iron steak, scrambled eggs, truffle butter, potato hash) $16~
It looked pretty good but a bit simplistic. I didn't get to taste or any feedback from my friend.

A third of the group all got the Southwest Chicken Sandwich (avocado pico, citrus slaw, cajun parmesan fries) $12~
It was a pretty big sandwich. And again, everyone loved the fries. They said the sandwich was good, but didn't rave about it.

Special of the Day: Classic Eggs Benedict (with side of potato hash). This looked really yummy. My friend cleaned his dish so I assume it's pretty tasty.  

We were finishing up our food and I've been talking about this butternut squash ice cream I saw on their website. We got the dessert menu, and it's not there either! Boooo... I guess it's a seasonal flavor. So none of us opted for dessert, we were all pretty stuffed.

However, I asked the waiter if we could meet the chef. He wasn't too thrilled about it and said something like the chef might be too busy or something but he'll ask. As he walked away one of my friends said that the waiter wasn't very good. She had been to Marquee Grill a few times before and have had great service. I told her that online reviews have mentioned that their service is hit or miss. Guess we got the miss this time around. He wasn't that bad, but it definitely wasn't up to the caliber of the type of restaurant this was. He later came back and said that the chef was busy prepping a party for later that night so he couldn't come over. I'm disappointed. It doesn't take that long to come say hi at the table and at one point my friend saw him just standing around the kitchen. I was sad that we weren't important enough for 2 minutes of his time. :( Sigh. It was one of the main reasons I chose this place to meet!

Anyways, the waiter brought the check. Just one check. So we called him back and asked if he could split it. I turned back to the table and started pointing out to him who were on the same checks together and my friend says "oh he already walked away..." WTH... Made me feel kinda dumb.

It was great to see everyone and catch up but the overall dining experience was eh. The food was good but I expected more. And I definitely expected more from the service and hospitality. It might just be one of those off days other people posted about. If I'm in the area, I'm still up for checking out their happy hour. I heard they make pretty good drinks.

Quality of Food:




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