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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NOSH Plano

I went to NOSH in Plano Sunday night for dinner. I've been wanting to go there forever!!

4701 W. Park Blvd, Suite 101
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 612-3200
Price: $$$

I really like the decor inside and out. It has a cool seating area around the kitchen so you can watch what they are doing in there. But the weather was pretty nice so we chose to sit outside.

Our waitress, Sarah, was really nice and informative. She was very thorough in telling us about their specials and they do have a lot of specials!

A lot of stuff looked good but she says we can't lose with the Maine Lobster Fritters (with mandarin tartar sauce) $9~ or the meatball appetizers. We went with the fritters.

It was really good. The outside was super crispy but very light. And then you bite into it and it becomes really creamy and rich. The tartar sauce had hints of orange and citrus in it to add complexity in flavors. You can see the bits of lobster in there but I wish they were a little bigger. A very good starter nonetheless.

I decided to get a Specialty Cocktail: French Fizz (Hangar One blueberry, elderflower, champagne) $11~
I had tried my friend's elderflower cocktail at Townhouse a few days earlier and really liked it. This wasn't as good though because it wasn't sweet enough for me. My bf liked it though so he finished it for me. hehe.

For the entree, it was very hard to me to choose cuz everything looked so good but Sarah helped me decide on the Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon (sweet corn salad and smoked paprika aioli) $23~
The plate was a bit small but it was delicious. The salmon was cooked perfectly and the aioli was fantastic with it. The corn salad was a cold salad and was very refreshing. It was nice since it was still a little warm sitting outside. It was a very light entree. The flavors were simple and you can taste the ingredients themselves. I really enjoyed it.

My bf went with the Grilled Kobe Beef Bavette (tomato vinaigrette and blue cheese potato chips) $23~
It was also recommended by Sarah. The beef was cooked perfectly medium rare. It was super tender and the light seasoning allowed us to taste the beef itself. The chips were cut and fried in house. The blue cheese was also made in house. The flavors in the chips were really good. The chips could've been a little crispier though.

I love brussels sprouts so I had to get the Side of Brussel Sprouts & Bacon $6~
There was so much bacon in here it was crazy. I never imagined I would think something had TOO much bacon! haha. But I did want more brussels sprouts.

We ended the meal with the Warm Chocolate Souffle Cake (with s'more ice cream) $7~
It was small but so rich it doesn't leave you wanting more. I did want more ice cream though! The cake was so rich and chocolatey and just melted in your mouth. YUMMM!!

It was a great meal. My expectations for NOSH was exceeded. I was especially happy with the service. Sarah was great. She was informative, attentive and offered good suggestions.

So...something kind of embarrassing. The strap on my sandal broke just as we walked into the restaurant. OH NO! So I was walking around all weird trying to keep it on my feet and finally gave up and picked up my shoe. I had to do the same when I went to the restroom... I really tried to hold it but couldn't. haha. Sigh~ Half way through the meal, another waitress asked if I wanted a stapler. She must've seen me walk to the restroom earlier. hahaha. I said that would be GREAT! Sarah brought the stapler and it totally worked. I was able to keep the strap attached to at least walk out of there with some dignity. hahaha. I was really happy that they were trying to think of ways to help me instead of just laughing at me or something. The service there just elevated the food even more.

I will definitely go back again. And I will request Sarah as my server. :) Also, I've heard wonderful things about their brunch. Maybe that's what I'll do next time!!

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