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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ninja Sushi

So we headed over to our dinner location but got there a little too early. We saw this Japanese place down the street. It was on my original list of places to check out but was eliminated due to lack of time. But since we got some time to kill, why not check it out! haha. So I guess this is semi-dinner #2? :P

Ninja Restaurant and Sushi Bar
8433 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 866-1119
Price: $$-$$$

This place was a 2 story building. Walking was a bar on the first floor, totally empty...and it seemed kinda old and dumpy. I almost wanted to walk out. But they took us upstairs to the dining area and it was like a completely different place. The decor was nice and it was packed with people. Weird...

We were seated at the sushi bar and the guys ordered some Sake. We didn't want to eat too much since dinner was in like half an hour. hahaha.

They gave us some complimentary Ninja Salad (cucumber salad with seaweed and crab in mayo/wasabi/sesame dressing). I've never had cucumber salad like this. The dressing was what made it great. It was delicious. Lots of different textures and the creamy dressing with wasabi and sesame added tons of flavor. It was similar to a peanut sauce but not as heavy. YUM!

My friend ordered the Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) $5.75~ He said it was good but the sauce was a little too salty. It was a pretty generic gyoza.

We also got the Goma Miso Roll (Spicy snow crab, cucumber, served on sesame miso dressing) $6.50~ This was really good. The miso dressing definitely enhanced the rolls. I've never had a roll like this before. Even my friend who doesn't like seafood said it was good!

Moriaki Roll (Yellowtail, fresh salmon, tuna, green onion, smelt roe, radish sprout, avocado) $7.25~ I really liked this roll. It was also really pretty to look at with all the different colors of fish inside. The fish was really fresh and all worked together beautifully.

We chatted with the Sushi Chef, Jimmy, while we ate. Really nice guy and I thought he made the sushi really well. Our waitress was also really friendly and was accommodating when we said we were kind of in a time crunch.

It was a nice surprise and I'm glad we stopped by this place. I wish we would've had the chance to try more stuff there though. If you go, don't let the bar downstairs scare you. haha.

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