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Saturday, January 22, 2011


After lunch we stopped by this cupcake shop that my bf drives by everyday to work. I had not done any research about this place, it was a random stop. I'm glad we did!

The Kupcake Factory
6233 South Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 267-3328
Price: $

It was a tiny little shop with a display case of cupcakes and gelato (altho the gelato one was empty that day). The cupcakes looked slightly bigger than your typical cupcakes. The case was also looking a little empty. They were selling out of quite a bit of flavors already. The cupcakes were $2.50 a piece (cheaper than most Dallas cupcake places...)

We took the last Red Velvet (butter cake with hint of cocoa and cream cheese frosting). It was sooo yummy. The cake was nice and moist. The frosting was the best part though. It wasn't heavy like most typical cream cheese frosting. It was almost like it was fluffed. It was creamy yet fluffy and light. The frosting and cake paired perfectly. It wasn't overly sweet. YUM-O!

Cookies n Cream (brownie cupcake with buttercream frosting and crushed oreo cookies). This was really interesting. It was basically a brownie topped with a layer of frosting and crushed oreo cookies. Delicious! The brownie was moist and was perfect with the buttercream. It was my friend's favorite of the bunch.

Birthday Cake (yellow vanilla cake and vanilla bean buttercream and sprinkles). This was good as well. Normally I find the white/yellow cake cupcakes to be drier than chocolate ones but this was just as moist. The buttercream was nice and fluffy as well. I liked the sprinkles on top...added a nice crunchy texture.

We were all so full from lunch but I ended up eating like 2 of them myself cuz none of the guys could eat anymore. Geez...what wusses. hahahaha :P

I still haven't found really good cupcakes in Dallas...and I don't know why. Obviously there are good cupcakes out there...why are they not in Dallas?!? Go to the Kupcake Factory when you're in New Orleans. I just might ask my bf to bring a box back the next time he goes there for work! hahaha.

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