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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lucky Dog

Day 2 in NOLA. We made a detour through Harrah's Casino which was across the street from our hotel. They validate your parking if you gamble there! (Which is what we did instead of paying like $40 a night for parking! O.o)

Inside the casino, one of my friends decided to get a Lucky Dog hotdog. Lucky Dogs can be found all over New Orleans. They are usually just a small cart on the side of the street or something. They serve all beef hot dogs.

Lucky Dogs (inside Harrah's Casino)
228 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Price: $

He got the Lucky Dog (with chili, relish, ketchup) $4.95~ With the way everyone's been going on about getting a Lucky Dog in New Orleans, I had expected these to be pretty awesome. I guess at 3am when you've been drinking they are the best things ever... But since it's noon and I haven't been drinking...haha... it was ok. The chili and ketcup on the hot dog didn't look too appealing. The hot dog itself was pretty generic. I felt like the bun was too big for the hot dog and could've been toasted more; the ratio of bread to meat was off. I did like the flavor of the chili and relish together, but I think we could've done without the ketchup. It make it a little too saucy and weird.

Eh. I was unimpressed. I guess stick to getting these for late night drunk food. haha.

I give it across the board.


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