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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Green Goddess

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the French Quarter. Then we hit up Green Goddess for an early dinner (since our real dinner reservation wasn't until 9PM).

Green Goddess
307 Exchange Place
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 301-3347
Price: $$

This was recommended by a friend on fb. I looked it up online and was immediately intrigued by their menu selection. They had a lot of interesting menu items. It's a tiny little place...only about 4 tables inside and some outdoor seating. And they don't take reservations. We got there at 5:45PM about 15 minutes before the kitchen opened for dinner service. Thank goodness we did because as soon as we walked in, a bunch of people started walking in after us. We got a table immediately. :)

This was definitely a hole in the wall...which are places I want to try the most when I go somewhere new. They have a really extensive wine list and also make some creative cocktails.

We just got a couple things to share since we were still pretty full and were having dinner later.

Absinthe-Roasted Oyster & Fennel Chowder (Louisiana oysters roasted in absinthe and fennel pollen; ladled over a creamy chowder of fennel, potato & celery root, finished with intense Chilean olive oil) $10~ I was a little turned off by the oil floating on top of the soup. I think they could've poured less of that on top. But overall it was really good. The flavors were nice and the oysters were perfectly cooked. The oysters were cooked in a different manner than I've ever had before ..super tender. I liked the chunks of potato and celery root in the soup as well. I wish the soup was a little thicker though (since I prefer creamier soups in general). I enjoyed it!

Louisiana "Bangers & Mash" (Marciante's duck sausage and mashed sweet potatoes with hints of orange and roasted garlic, finished by Steen's cane syrup) $13~ This was recommended by the waitress. It was a really good dish. The duck sausage was really tasty with a hint of spiciness. The sweet potato mash was silky smooth and sweet. The salty/spicy sausage paired really well with the sweet potatoes. Different textures and contrasting flavors are what makes a dish good! I thought it could've done without so much of the cane syrup though since the sweet potatoes were already pretty sweet. I tried to eat the parts not completely soaked in syrup.

Chocolate Biscuit Heaven (Paul's sweet potato biscuit and our Deep South twist on Italy's gianduja, made with chocolate and pecans for a velvety, dark sauce, and the biscuit slathered with pecan butter) $8~ The chocolate sauce was amazing! Rich and luscious...I can just drink it all up! The dessert was quite small...I didn't think it was worth the price. The biscuit was good and flaky but I didn't really get the essence of sweet potato. Also the chocolate sauce overpowered the biscuit and the pecan butter inside. But since the sauce was amazing, I guess I can't really complain. haha.

Their "Notorious" Bacon Sundae (Pecan praline ice cream with a creamy bacon caramel sauce carrying a bit of both Pink Himalayan & Black Lava Salts & micro-planed Nueske's Applewood Bacon, layered with whipped cream) $8~ This was raved about on other reviews so I had to get it. Plus bacon is really good on ANYTHING! This was AWESOME. I think one of the highlights of the trip. The pecan ice cream was super creamy. The bacon added just the right amount of saltiness and texture along with the caramel sauce. OMG! AMAZING. They also layered the bacon and ice cream so you still got some bacon towards the bottom of the glass. You know sometimes people only put the toppings on the top so after you eat the top it's gone? I hate that... So it was bonus points that they layered theirs. I also took some of the chocolate sauce from the Biscuit and ate it with the ice cream. EVEN BETTER!!! hahaha. :P If you are into the whole sweet and savory combos then you've GOTTA try this!!

This was a pretty cool place. Service was really slow though. Which was surprising since I would think they would want the turnover rate to be much faster due to the limited capacity.

I'm so glad we were able to check this place out and not wait to get seats. Thanks for the recommendation!! :) If you want to try new and interesting things in New Orleans, go check out Green Goddess. Just make sure you either go super early or much later so you don't end up waiting forever.

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  1. I'm glad you liked it. I actually didn't have anything that you did. I loved the stuffed French toast dessert. It was amazing. Probably the chocolate was the same as in the biscuit. We also had a cheese plate that was excellent. I want to go to this place again when I go back to NO.