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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crabby Jacks Po-Boys~

Time for actual lunch. My bf really wanted to take us to this place where he said he had an amazing fried shrimp po-boy.

Crabby Jacks

428 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, LA 70121
(504) 833-2722
Price: $$

It's a tiny little place. You order at the counter and sit anywhere (you have to share tables with other people). It was packed but we managed to get some seats.

Everyone ordered something and shared.

Slow Roasted Duck Po-Boy (8") $10.50~ This was highly praised on other review sites. I've never heard of a Duck Po-boy so I was really interested. I was picturing fried duck in my mind though...haha. The roasted duck was pretty tender and the flavor was good. I think it would've been better if there were some crispy fried duck skin in it still. haha. I liked it, but it didn't blow my mind. The bread was a little too soft, I wish it would've had more of a crunch to it.

Cochon de Lait Po Boy (roasted suckling pig) (8") $9.95~ This was really similar to the duck one but with roasted pork instead. I also liked this one but felt the same way I did with the duck.

Fried Green Tomato Po-Boy (topped with Shrimp Remoulade) (8") $10.50~ This was by far my favorite of the bunch. The fried green tomatoes got soggy from the remoulade and I didn't even care. The shrimp remoulade was definitely the star of the po-boy. The shrimp was
cooked perfectly and the sauce was just fantastic. I could've eaten buckets of that on its own. The tomatoes did add a bit of tartness that added some good contrast to the sauce. I LOVED it. I want it in Dallas so I can have it all the time!!

Side of Fries $2~ Pretty generic but nicely fried and good flavor. It was a good addition on the side since we didn't get any fried po-boys.

Side of Jambalaya $3~ It wasn't really jambalaya to me...more like rice in a tomato sauce. It was good still.

Side of Coleslaw $2.50~ The coleslaw was crisp and fresh but needed seasoning. There wasn't much flavor.

Overall this was a great lunch. I wish we would've gotten one fried po-boy but oh well. The duck was definitely something different to try, but the shrimp remoulade was the big winner for me. OMG. Just writing about it now makes me want some more... drool....

I was a bit surprised that the prices were kinda high. But it WAS quite a bit of food and the ingredients were fresh so I guess its ok. The business was just booming... People continued to come in while we were eating there.

Definitely go check this place out and compare it to your favorite po-boy place. :)

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