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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mercy Wine Bar

5100 Beltline Road, # 544
Addison, TX 75254
(972) 702-9463
Price: $$

I've been wanting to check out Mercy Wine Bar for a while now. But not for wine, since I'm not a fan, but I've heard that their food is good.

A group of friends were there last night and I went to meet up with them for a little while after dinner. The place wasn't what I expected. First of all, it was larger than I thought. I dunno why but I always imagined it to be a tiny place... It was very dark in there...loungey... I liked the decor and feel of the place. Just felt it was a little too dark for my preference. It was also a little loud to really sit and chat with your friends. But overall the ambiance is nice and fits the style of the wine bar.

Since I already had dinner, I opted to get dessert. I shared with a friend. We asked the waiter if he had any recommendations since everything sounded good. He picked the Strawberry Delight (Orange liqueur macerated strawberries with sweetened mascarpone, crispy shell) $8~ hands down! He raved about it...called it "sex in your mouth" (direct quote)...hahaha. So we decided to take his recommendation.

It was smaller than I expected...for that price. But it was cute. The strawberries smelled so good! It was a warm dessert with the strawberries cooked with the orange liqueur. The strawberries were nice and sweet and the mascarpone added a cheesy flavor, almost a little savory. I think it was a nice contrast to balance out the sweetness. You get a hint of that pungent cheese taste in every bite. I would say if you are not a fan of that cheesy taste, this isn't the dessert for you. I thought it was just slight enough and made it work...created different layers of flavors. My favorite part was the crispy shell. It was nice and thin...slightly sweet...and created that crispy texture that the dessert needed. It actually turned out to be a good size, because if it was bigger I think that cheese flavor would start getting overpowering. Now I don't think it was good enough to be called "sex in your mouth" but it was pretty good. It was different than most other desserts I've had before so that was a nice plus.

Next time I would like to go back and try their actual food...and maybe some other dessert. hehe.

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