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Monday, October 7, 2013

NYC 2013: Big Gay Ice Cream & More Sweets!

After a round of awesome desserts, we decided to go enjoy the great weather at The High Line. I have never been before. It's totally cool to check out if you've never been btw.

We walked from ChikaLicious to The High Line to get some exercise and digest all the yummy sweets. hehe. On the way there, we ended up taking a detour and ended up in front of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! We didn't even mean to go there but I guess it's fate. haha. It was also on my list, but I had pretty much wrote it off for this trip thinking I didn't have time. Guess we gotta go in!! Duh! :P

Big Gay Ice Cream - West Village
61 Grove St
New York, NY 10014
Price: $

My friend said every time she's walked by it's been closed, so we for sure have to go! We were both still pretty full but I was "obligated" to try something. hehe. It made my choice pretty simple when I saw pumpkin on the menu!

Flavors of the Day: Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream (with cayenne and candied pepitas in a waffle cone) ~$7. 
It turned out to be way pricier than I had expected. But it was an up charge for the cone and the toppings. And they told me it was a specialty cone or something? Oh well. This is my only chance to get it. I soon forgot about the price because it was awesome. The ice cream had lots of pumpkin spice in it. The topping sealed the deal tho. The addition of the cayenne with the candied pumpkin seeds was the perfect pairing to the pumpkin ice cream. My friend called it "fall in a cone"! So true!

OMG. I was on sugar overload... But hey, I'm not in NYC that often so we doin' it big!! :P

Quality of Food:




Overall Experience:

Here are some random food pics I took while browsing at Grand Central Station earlier in the day btw... OMG. Everything looked amazing. I had to resist really hard to not buy/eat something right then and there!

Zaro's Bakery

Eli Zabar


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