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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NYC 2013: Smorgasburg (in Williamsburg)

It's Saturday in NYC! And I'm so excited! I'm gonna hit up Smorgasburg in Williamsburg with a bunch of my friends. :) I've been excited about Smorgasburg for months! It's a flea/food market in Brooklyn that pops up every weekend until November. I'm so glad I got to go before it's over...

East River State Park 
(90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.)

It couldn't have been a better day too. Sunny, warm, clear skies, a little windy but oh well! Also, a bunch of my friends met up with me... some came up from Boston, others from outside the city. YAY!! We're ready for a food fest! :)

In alphabetical order of the vendors.. (since I can't think of another way of organizing the list... hahaha)

Bamboo Bites
- Bacon Sticky Rice $7~ 
I loved the way they presented the sticky rice. In individual segments of bamboo! I'm thinking they cooked the rice right in there. Still very cool. You use the wooden tongue depressor things to scoop the rice out. The sticky rice was slightly sweet with the saltiness of the bacon. It was yummy.


BeeHive Oven
- Pumpkin Biscuits (with maple butter) each $3~ 
This was one of the first things I saw when we arrived. PUMPKIN!!!! YEA!! Totally gotta get it. I got 2 and they put maple butter in it. OMFG! I do have to say it's a little pricey for a biscuit but I really really really wanted to try it. haha. The biscuits had great texture with a hint of pumpkin sweetness. I think there could've been more pumpkin and DEFINITELY more maple butter! But tasty all the same. By the time I got these, most people were pretty full so I ended up eating more than 1 by myself. XP


Cocktail Crate
- Lavender Bloom. They were giving out samples, so how can I say no?! The lavender was very fragrant, and lightly sweet. Could go really well with gin! I didn't buy anything here...

- Spicy BellyRoll Sammich (pork belly, kimchi relish, miso, perilla, apple, DN Balthazar Baguette) Half $6~ 
Pork belly is what drew me in. Duh! :P It smelled so good when they were grilling the meat. I liked the pork and all the toppings but we all thought the bread was wayyy too hard.


This was the main stand I wanted to try. I've been dreaming about their donuts for awhile! Between the 10 of us that were there, we ended up getting 5 different flavors throughout the meal. They make all their donuts fresh along with the glazes as well.
- Passion Fruit with Cocoa Nibs. This came highly recommended so it was my choice. OMG delicious! The donuts are huge and super fluffy. I loved the texture. The passion fruit was in my top 2 for sure. The slight tang of the passion fruit paired so well against the sweetness. You can't taste the cocoa nibs very much but it did add another element of texture.
- Cafe Au Lait. This was the overall favorite. And it's in my top 2 as well. The crumble on top is what made it fantastic. Their donuts are definitely one of the best I've had (with no gimicks, that is..) I'd have to say I might prefer this over Doughnut Plant! *Gasp@* Oh man... totally craving one right now!
- Lemon with Poppy Seed. Pretty good. I like the lemon glaze. 
- Hibiscus. This was the other flavor I really wanted to try, but it was ok. The color is beautiful but the hibiscus flavor was lacking. It just tasted like a sugar glaze to me.. A tad too sweet. 
- Coconut. I'm not a fan of shredded coconut so I only took a tiny bite. The texture of the donut is just like the others which is awesome. But yea... eh on the coconut flakes.
Dough has a permanent location in Brooklyn. I'd say it definitely warrants another visit next time I'm in town!


Lumpia Shack - Filipino inspired spring rolls
- Sampler (3 pieces of each flavor) $9~ (from left to right)
- Peking Duck (hand pulled roasted duck; served with hoisin, sriracha, and ginger scallion sauce)
- Vegetarian Truffled Adobo Mushroom (three types of mushrooms: cremini, shitake, enoki; lemongrass, ginger, scallions; served with truffled aioli, pickled red chili peppers and microgreens)
- Original Pork (heritage breed ground pork, carrots, kamote leaves, ramps, shallots, garlic; served with housemade sweet chili sauce and pickled cucumbers)
One of my friends was Filipino and she said they totally gourmet'd this up. I liked the presentation. It's very clean. The flavors were pretty good too. I only tried the duck and vegetarian ones. I liked the duck better (partly because of the ginger scallion sauce on top that freshened it up.

- Halo Halo - "Mix Mix" (kettle corn, ube whipped cream, leche flan, ube - purple yam, milk bean, shaved ice, coconut jelly, sugar palm fruit) small $5~ 
My friend also suggested we try this. I've never had it before. According to her.. it's not that traditional since they added some flair... like the popcorn. haha. But I really enjoyed it. The coldness was great for this warm day. And it starts off pretty light in flavor, but towards the end I got more sweetness. It had so many different textures. And that's totally my thing. :)


Mimi & Coco NY
- Teriyaki Balls - Japanese street food
(country sausage, juicy shrimp, or organic potato; topped with Japanese Teriyaki sauce, light mayo, tempura flakes and sliced almonds) 6 pieces for $6~ 

The outside is fried while the inside is still gooey. The traditional ones in Japan are Takoyaki's which are filled with a piece of octopus. If you've read my Japan posts, you know I don't like takoyaki's at all. haha. But these were definitely better. The inside wasn't nearly as gooey as the ones I've had in the past. I liked the sausage filled one a lot. The others were ok.


Palenque - Homemade Colombian Food
- Arepa Choclo (sweet corn, melted cheese) $5~ Slightly sweet, crispy crust. Yummy. 
- Gallo (organic chicken, arugula, chipotle mayo, cilantro salsa, oaxaca cheese; on top of a corn arepa) $8~ 
This was really good. Not only did it have a bunch of different flavors but also textures. I liked the freshness of it all. But I liked the toppings better than the corn arepa. I found myself just picking off the top. haha
One of my friends loves this place. She's had quite a bit of Colombian food and says this is one of her favorite ones. I can see why!


Ramen Burger
- Shoyu Original Burger (ramen noodle "buns", USDA prime ground beef chuck patty, arugula, special sauce) $8~ 
Oh the famous ramen burger. I really liked the concept when I heard about it. I even tried to do a variation of it at home. I made a pasta burger (with spaghetti buns, Italian sausage and sauteed mushrooms/peppers/onions in marinara). It was delicious btw... We saw the long line as soon as we arrived. I was certain we weren't there early enough to get one, but a couple of friends decided to stand in line. After about an hour.. they returned with one. You are only allowed 1 per person and my other friend didn't want one. The packaging was totally cool. And it was actually the only good thing about it. :( Sad face. It was a huge disappointment. First of all, there wasn't enough of a crisp on the buns. So it was basically just cooked noodles on a beef patty. Second, the buns were completely flavorless. The meat was also quite bland. The only flavor was from the "special sauce" which was like a teriyaki sauce. Third, it was kinda messy to eat. The sauce dripped everywhere, despite the cool packaging. Booooo. Between the big group of us, we didn't even finish one. It wasn't worth finishing either since we just had this delicious spread. I would take my pasta burger over this any day!

Overall: (the extra .5 is for the packaging. haha)

Red Hook Lobster Pound
- Lobster Roll - Maine Style (fresh picked Maine lobster meat, served cold with celery, spices and a touch of homemade mayo; served on a top split bun) $16~ 
Having Luke's Lobster the day before, I got to compare the two. They seemed to be about the same size but I do like that Red Hook had some fresh greens and chopped scallions to contrast the fattiness of the lobster. Although that also means that Luke's had more lobster in their roll than Red's. hehe. Honestly, I'm not the best person to judge lobster rolls. Both had fresh, plump lobster meat and the rolls are buttery. So I'd say they're pretty close. I feel like Luke's had a tad more flavor. But overall pretty close.


Here are some misc. food pics (I didn't get to try...)
S'more Bakery

Krumville Bake Shop - Artisanal Gluten Free Baked Goods

Smorgasburg was everything I wanted it to be (minus the ramen burger being bleh). haha. And I wish I had more stomach space to eat MORE!!! Don't get me wrong, I ate a lot... people were impressed. hahaha. But I soon went into a sugar coma after from all the awesome donuts. :P


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