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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sichuan King - Double Feature!

I think I have found my new favorite noodle place in Dallas. Actually, I can't say I had one to begin with since Dallas didn't really have a legit noodle house. I mean King's Noodle by Chinatown is ok, so is Mian Cuisine in Plano. But they don't keep me going back.

Sichuan King
400 N Greenville Ave
Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 907-1186
Price: $-$$

Sichuan King is pretty new. It took the old Jeng Chi spot on the Chinatown strip. I walked by one day and saw some pictures of their dishes in the window. Looked good, but I wasn't getting my hopes up. But I did notice they had hand cut noodles!!! OMG. One of my all time favorite things in the world! I've never seen it here before. And even in Taiwan now, it's harder to come by. This means I MUST try it!

We decided to go for lunch one day. Kind of last minute... I also called up my sister who wanted to try it. They've got 2 things we love noodles (esp hand cut for me...) and spicy. It was packed when we arrived around 12:45. But we got a booth in the corner. The place smelled so good!

There were only 3 of us, but we wanted to try so many things!! Finally we decided to get a variety of things and share.

N5. Spicy Ground Pork Noodle (with sliced noodle) $6.95~ 
Basically spicy zha jiang mian. Which is my absolute favorite type of Chinese noodles. I was so excited! It looked yummy when it came and I mixed the sauce/meat/noodles around. We loved it! It was actually spicy for one! The meat and sauce had good flavor and the hand cut noodles were great! It had great texture, which is super important. By far my favorite noodle dish there to date. I can just go back and eat that if everything else isn't up to par. hahaha

N14. Pork & Mustard Leaf Noodle $6.95~ 
We wanted to try a soup noodle since the first one was dry. We got the regular noodles and it's not spicy. My bf doesn't really eat spicy so this'll help balance out the other spicy dishes. If it was just me and my sister, I think everything would be spicy. haha. This was pretty good. The broth had nice flavor and the pork was tender. I'm not as big of a fan of soupy noodles so the zha jiang mian was more my thing. My bf and sister liked it a lot!

A6. Hand Pancake $3.95~ 
This is similar to a green onion pancake but instead of flat pieces, it's pulled loose by hand. I've had hand pancakes in all different kinds of flavors but this one is the basic one. It doesn't have green onions in it just FYI. It was pan fried nicely so it had a crispy layer along with the softer doughy parts. The one at Mian Cuisine is slightly better. But this was still really good... dipped in the spicy meat sauce and/or chili oil. I thought we were gonna have some left over but I was wrong!

A8. Sichuan Spicy Wonton $4.95~ 
My sister and I love spicy wontons. These were great. The texture of the wonton wrapper were cooked nicely. And the meat inside was tender. Sooo much better than what we had a few weeks ago at Monkey King in Deep Ellum. The chili oil was actually spicy! That's important! The only thing was that it was lacking slightly in salt. But I actually kinda liked it that way. Some of the other dishes were saltier and stronger in flavor so it was ok that this one was lighter.

Sauteed Water Spinach (with garlic). 
Lastly, we had to get a vegetable. Something fresher to cut all the starch! Water spinach is one of my favorite Chinese veggies. The portion was big and it was delicious.

It was a great lunch. We were pleasantly surprised since we all set our expectations pretty low. After strings of disappointing noodle houses in Dallas, it's hard not to set ourselves up for disappointment. But this place is legit. I'm not comparing it to places in Asia or anything. But as far as noodles in Dallas? I'm going to Sichuan King! :)

Oh yea, we also saw almost every other table in the restaurant with different kinds of hot pots. Every one looked red and spicy and yummy. Definitely have to go when the weather gets cooler to try them!

Guess what, I went back to Sichuan King within a week. haha. There's just so many more things I wanna try!

N7. Spicy Beef Noodle (with sliced noodle) $7.95~ 
I tried this more for my sister's sake. Beef noodle soup has to be one of her favorite noodles, if not THE one. I got the hand cut noodles of course. It was alright. There was a slight sweetness to the broth and I can taste the spicy, but it was pretty mild. The beef was super tender, but there wasn't very much of it. And the flavors in general just wasn't very traditional. I think the beef noodle soup at King's Noodle or Mian Cuisine are better.

N10. Ground Pork & Cowpea Noodle (with sliced noodle) $6.95~ 
My bf wanted a dry noodle. Normally this is a spicy noodle dish, but the waitress said we could get it non-spicy. And I think the description "cowpea" is incorrect. It was actually Chinese long beans in the dish (I had that in the beef noodle soup too). This was similar to N5 we got the previous time. I think hand cut noodles are better in a dry preparation. In soups, they get kinda soft. I liked this one a lot too. I think the flavor (and of course the chili oil) in N5 was better. But for a dry noodle, I'd get this again too.

A5. Scallion Pancake $2.95~ 
We tried the regular green onion pancake this time. I have to say I prefer the hand pancake. This was good but doesn't compare to Jeng Chi's just down the strip. The outside needed to be crispier.

Sauteed "A" Choy (with garlic). 
Gotta get our veggies in. :P It's a type of Taiwanese lettuce and one of my favorites as well. Again, the portion was pretty big. But we killed it between just the 2 of us. :)

It was still a good lunch. I still have plenty of other stuff I wanna try. But it'll be hard not to order the 2 different dry noodles again.

I'm so happy that we finally have hand cut noodles in Dallas! And I hope Sichuan King continues to do well because I plan on going back a lot!

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