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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bobaddiction - Food Truck

On Monday night I happen to see the new food truck, Bobaddiction, setting up shop in Plano. We were finishing up at Paciugo on Park and Preston and saw them pulling into the parking lot.

I rarely see food trucks in this part of town so my friends and I were very intrigued. We walked over to check it out! Apparently they were called to be a part of the release of Grand Theft Auto at Game Stop. They were just 10 minutes from opening so we stuck around.

(512) 763-BOBA(2622)
Price: $

I was able to chat a little with one of the owners, who was super nice, btw. And found out that they've been in operation for less than 3 months. I'd have to say, they have a pretty impressive truck with the LCD menu and the super cute panda on the side.

I love boba. I'm Taiwanese so I grew up drinking this stuff. I would've expected Dallas to have a boba trucker earlier on but oh well, at least we have one now!

Once they opened, we were first in line. And they told us we can sample whatever we wanted. I tried the Classic Milk Tea (black tea, lactose-free milk, rock sugar, longan honey) first. It was pretty good. It's hard to tell from a small sample, but I wish it was a bit stronger in both tea flavor and richness of the milk.

Then they started giving us more samples. I felt bad holding up the other people in line, but I'm not one to pass up samples! :P

Jasmine Milk Tea (green tea, jasmine flowers, lactose-free milk and rock sugar) $4~ 
I changed my mind to this after I sampled it. It was light, refreshing, and fragrant. The jasmine was very floral but not overwhelming. I got it without boba because I actually planned on drinking this the next day. (After dinner and gelato, I didn't have room to drink this... ) haha. So about 16 hours later, I had it at work as an afternoon treat. It was still delicious! I would definitely get this again. And next time I would try their boba since I didn't get to this time.

My friend got the Passion Fruit Green Tea (green tea, passion extract, fresh fruit puree, rock sugar, longan honey) $4~ 
This was my original choice because it was really light and refreshing. It wasn't super sweet either. I like that they use fresh fruit puree in all their fruity drinks. She also added rainbow jelly to hers. I think it was an additional 50 cents?

Thai Tea (thai tea, star anise, milk and rock sugar). We also got to sample this. It was pretty good. I wish the sample was bigger though so I can give a better opinion on it.

It was funny because a friend of mine had sent me a picture when he spotted Bobaddiction over the weekend. So it was fresh in my mind, and then we ran into them! Like I said, the guys are super nice and they use good ingredients in their drinks. I also really like the fact that they use lactose-free milk! I'm not lactose intolerant, but this way EVERYONE gets to enjoy milk tea. :)

I'm actually going to see them again tomorrow at the ArtOfficial event downtown! Holla! Follow them on twitter to get their locations.

Quality of Food:


Ambiance: n/a

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