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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunday Brunch @ Smoke

I love brunch! And I got to have it at Smoke on Sunday. :) I've been wanting to go to Smoke for a few years now and finally made it!

901 Ft. Worth Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 393-4141
Price (for brunch): $$

We arrived around 12:30PM, I was really worried that there was gonna be a long wait. But the hostess said it was 25 minutes... not too bad! So we went outside and looked around. About 5 minutes later, we went back in to check out the bar and she told us our table was ready! Sweet! :)

It's a cute place, kinda homey, eclectic decor. It's a little loud though, but I didn't mind. It had good energy.

Our waiter greeted us and brought us water. He was really friendly and welcoming. He gave us some recommendations on drinks, then gave us some time to look over the menu. I already knew what I wanted, but my bf was a bit overwhelmed with all the delicious options. :P

My bf decided to get the Double Barrel Bloody Mary (Starlight Texas Vodka, Tim's Roasted Tomato & Chile Mix, olive juice, pickle relish). 
It was a big drink!! Lots of spices in there, but it was too salty... Neither of us are really fans of Bloody Marys but for some reason he wanted to get one. And he liked it, but it was too salty to drink it all. It actually paired well with his entree.

Ok. Food time! We asked our waiter for his opinion and he helped make the final decision for us. My bf ordered the Smoked Brisket Cornbread Hash (with poached egg and green chili rajas) $14~
It looked really yummy. Lots of colors and layers and I couldn't wait for him to cut into the poached egg! He cut up the egg and mixed everything together. It was delicious!! All the different flavors were great together. The brisket was smoky and slightly crisped. I liked how they diced up the cornbread into little pieces. The green chile was really great with the mixture, I do wish there was more of it though. And the egg was poached nicely. I ate some of it with the giant jalapeno on the bloody mary. Amazing! I think they should put jalapenos in the hash in the future! :P Really really good, I'd TOTALLY get this again.

I got the Heavy Handed Blueberry Pancakes (with vanilla poached apricots and cream) $10~ 
It looked so awesome I just wanted to dunk my face in it. hahahaha. Each pancake was at least an inch thick. I've never seen pancakes that thick before. And... it's still so fluffy! You can see large plump blueberries throughout the pancakes. And the vanilla poached apricots? YUM! I've never had that before. They were sweet and plump and basically served as the syrup for the pancakes. Again, every element worked together wonderfully. It wasn't too sweet either. NOM!

I also got a side of the Thick Cut Pork Belly Bacon $3.50~ 
I read in reviews that their bacon is super thick and awesome. And they were right. The bacon was amazing! Thick cut and still had a crispy sear on it. It had a hint of sweetness too! It went really well with both the hash AND the pancakes. :)

We were both really full, but I managed to finish my pancakes and pretty much the rest of his hash. hahaha. No wonder I gained a few lbs. this weekend. XP

It was a wonderful brunch. It was everything I imagined it would be and even more delicious. I wish I had more room to try more stuff! :P The food was awesome, our waiter was super nice, and I liked the vibe of the place. The waiter noticed that my bf barely drank the bloody mary and asked if he didn't like it. My bf said he liked it but was just too salty so the waiter went ahead and took it off the bill. That was very nice of him. :)

I definitely recommend brunch at Smoke. I hope I have time to go back in the future!

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