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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Godiva Soft Serve!

Chocolate and ice cream lovers rejoice! Godiva now has soft serve!! OMG!

Godiva - Northpark Center
(1st floor outside Dillard's)
8687 N Central Expy
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 361-2050

I wandered into Godiva at Northpark earlier this week to get my free monthly chocolate (if you don't know about this, sign up with Godiva, it's free, and every month you can get a free piece of chocolate!). I'm usually pretty good about just getting my free chocolate and leaving but this time was different.

First, I was offered a sample of one of their truffles. YUM! And then I finally picked out my free piece. But before I could turn to leave... I saw the machine.. in the corner. Soft serve?? I asked the guy that was helping me. He was super excited and said yes, they just got it. And then he said "Would you like a SAMPLE?" Uh... I don't say no to samples. Almost ever. haha. They have a vanilla bean flavor and a chocolate flavor, and of course, swirl. It was yummy.

Dilemma dilemma... I so wanted some, but oh I shouldn't. But I've gotten so many free things already and the guy was SO nice. I feel bad.. So I caved, I got a cone of the vanilla bean. They have regular waffle cone and also chocolate dipped waffle cones with no additional charge. Hells yea, the chocolate dipped one!!!!

Vanilla Bean Soft Serve (in a chocolate dipped waffle cone) $6.50~ (after tax). 
It was a bit steep for soft serve but they gave me a huge serving of it. And the guy made the perfect swirl. He was so excited and proud and the other employees in the store wanted to take a picture of him with it. I thought that was awesome. Because I would totally do the same thing! :P I love that you can see the specks of vanilla bean throughout. It was rich and delicious. And paired well with the chocolate on the waffle cone. And it was a bigggg portion! It carried me through past dinner!

It's a bit pricey, but I can't say I won't cave and get one again. hahaha. They need to have some chocolate mix-ins in the future. That would rock!

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