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Friday, September 20, 2013

ArtOfficial & Food Trucks

I went to an art event downtown yesterday. ArtOfficial at Zouk nightclub featured many local artists, musical artists/DJs, live performers, and food trucks. It was also a charity event with a portion of the proceeds towards local nonprofits: ALS Association, Art Hunger and Dress for Success.

A friend of mine works for the ALS Association and invited me. So I brought a few of my friends to check it out. I have to be honest though, the main draw for me was that they said there will be free food from various food trucks from 5:30-7:30PM for all paid attendees. haha.

One of my friends and I arrived super early... Trying to bypass the after work traffic. But that just means we were first in line for the food trucks. :P Most of the trucks were still setting up so we didn't really get started until about 5:40 or so.

The first truck we hit up was the Dough Boys Pizza Truck.

We decided on the Margarita (olive oil, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato and basil). 
They are 8" pizzas, freshly baked. It took longer for us to get it because they were just firing up the oven. But it's all good. Worth the wait since the pizza came out piping hot! It was a pretty good size. I would definitely get full if I ate the whole thing. I thought it was a really great pizza. I especially loved the crust. It was not too thin but the outside was super crispy and inside was still soft and slightly chewy. It was a white pizza, so no marinara, which I liked. The toppings were all really fresh too. I would get a pizza from them any day. :) Oh yea, the guys on the truck were super friendly too!


Rockn' Ricks Truck

They were only offering one thing during the free food time period. Pulled Pork Sandwich (smoked daily for 14 hours, pork pulled off the bone). 
Normally it's topped with red onion, pickles and bbq sauce but for the free samples, it was plain. The service was night and day compared to the pizza truck. We didn't know if they were taking orders because it took awhile for someone to talk to us when we're standing outside the truck. But the sandwich itself was decent. The pork was tender and slightly sweet from the sauce. A slaw topping would've been nice. Not bad, but nothing spectacular either.


OinknMoo Truck

This was the other bbq truck. The free samples they were offering was the Pork & Green Chile Hominy (homemade, infused with crispy bacon and chunks of pulled pork and roasted Hatch chiles). 
I wanted to try this so yay! It was very good. Hominy is a kind of corn, but it doesn't really look or taste like it... I like it though. And this was really good. The pork was really tender and the flavors and textures with the chile and hominy worked together really well. With a little squirt of hot sauce, it was even better. haha.

By about 7pm, they had apparently ran out of all their free options so my friends bought some food:
Bacon Mac n Cheese (homemade mac & cheese infused with crispy bacon) $3~
Loaded Bacon Mac n Cheese (1/2 pint of Bacon Mac w/ your choice of meat chopped on top) $6~ He got it topped with brisket. $3 extra just for a bit of brisket? We were all expecting the loaded mac to be a bigger size since it's double the price. Oh well. At least it was good. The brisket was finely chopped and added texture to the super rich mac n cheese. I didn't see much bacon inside but it was already rich enough!


I saw Bobaddiction twice this week!
I got to try more samples. The passion fruit green tea is super refreshing. Especially since yesterday was uber humid. Also tried the Thai Tea again. It was yummy. The sample cups were just too dang small! :P Oh, and I still need to try the boba. I guess next time! :)


Campisi's Catering was set up inside the venue. They were serving some sort of Pasta (penne with chicken, artichokes, tomato). I only ate a few bites. It was not good. That little scoop was half grease. XP Eeeeeks.


It was a fun event. I hope they made lots of money for the charities. And I got to try a bunch of food. Some great, some not so much. But still a fun experience! :)


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